revegging after harvest; more questions

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  1. Wasup everyone,

    1) I have this one plant I got from a shwag bag, which turned out to be one of my best/resilient plants. Its about ready for harvest, but I would like to be able to obtain some clones. The clones that I have taken, which were taken very late, almost at the end of the flowering cycle, did not take. I've read about revegging after harvest, but I don't know the details. Can I just cut off the top half of the plant, which has all of developed buds, and leave the bottom half. Will it survive and start growing again, and create some shoots that I can clone?

    2) I have a hermy from a NL#5 that impregnated itself. The thing is covered in seeds now. Question, are these seeds viable? I don't know if genetic diversity is as important to plants as it is to animals.

    3) Is a TDS meter absolutely needed for hydro. Correct me if Im wrong, but it measures the amount of solutes in your solution, right?

  2. try cutting the plant back till you still have a couple of short shoots left, turn your lights back to 18/6 and fert it like it was a new plant.

    hermy seeds produce hermie babies, i think

    a tds meter or Ec meter reads the amount of dissolved solids in the solution. Not absolutely essential in hydro but your rate of dumping the solution and changing fluids is keyed off the TDS readings. Also its good to catch screw-ups like too much fert, amount of fert intake so you can add extra ferts, etc Its good to have but not absolutely essential like a ph meter.
  3. hermie seeds i have found always give me female plants. a lil harder to germinate but always killer.
  4. hermie seeds produce either hermie plants or female plants. BUT THE GREAT THING IS. It cant ever be male. Thats where seedbanks get there feminized seeds.

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