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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by solarroller, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Anybody know anything about doing a reveg? Or continuous blooming

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  2. Yeah man. What do you need to know?? If you want a decent example, go check out my old journal titled cfl box grow, round #2. Its a worthwhile thing to do, especially if you plan to run clones. This way, after your first harvest, you know what your plant is going to give you and your clones will run the same.
  3. So the potency is the same and your yield was bigger?

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  4. Actually, potency increased somewhat and yeild was increased. If you take cuttings from a 2nd or 3rd reveg, the clones will grow out to match the mom at the stage it is in. After the 3rd reveg though, yeild and potency will degrade from that point on. Your best bet is to only reveg only once or twice if not planning on cloning or starting a new plant from seed. If your planning to clone from your reveg, the mom will last for a number of years without any change in its clones yeild/potency. Just make sure to keep her healthy and not re-introduce her to flowering.
  5. K thank you. Just wanted to make sure my thoughts were correct

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    complete waste or time. By the time it gets going again you can have a fast growing happy plant from seed or clone.
    if its potted outdoors its not a big deal, still slow.
  8. I got mine revegged and growing in less than 2 weeks snoop I think it depends on the gentics and how healthy it is
    yea that's closer to reasonable. I had to reveg to save some good genetics a few times and most of it was a slow process I grew and harvested a new crop before my reveging was worthwhile.
  10. When I revegged I kept small popcorn buds and leaves on it fed it heavy nutes for a week as needed and then on week.2 water water water week.3 should be growing again and take care of it before you flowered the first time.
  11. Also a good root trim after you harvest will be a goid thing too I ha e a tutorial on that somewhere in this section
  12. Root trimming can help keep a mother plant smal and stunted, to remain manageable.

  13. Wean off your bloom nutes,I've noticed switching straight to veg nutes adds a week or 2 to my reveg. Then feed with something heavy in nitrogen, high intensity light heavy in the "blue" will pop em right out! The further into bud they are, the longer it takes obviously. But be ready for crazy branching! The plants reveg uncontrollably. And I don't think it raises potency, rather you yourself raise it by growing the same plant should know after a successful grow EXACTLY what your plant wants,how it will respond to what, how much nutes it can take up etc

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    I also like to tag lower branches  early in bloom with pollen VS reveg. if done right you harvest and let the plant with bottom branches sit an extra week or two to ripen the seeds then I have the genetics for some other day. I just shove it aside not direct light so other plants can get going.
  15. I've actually done that a few times works pretty good! I've also had a plant that I put into flower,pillinated, then after harvesting seeds and buds, left the bottoms that got seeded, revegged it and did the same technique,this time using the plant to back cross the first Gen seeds. Took forever for my diesel,but definitely worth the many ounces of bud and hundreds of seeds

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  16. @4ala2skoa yea this is correct

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