Revegged marijuana?

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  1. if you took a bud in your stash and let a stem sit in a water solution for growing and maybe add some rooting hormones or somthing. What im trying to say is could you revive a plant in there enough Genes to regrow?
  2. A bud that's cured and your getting ready to smoke? Lol how high are u... No u can' offense but this Is by far the dumbest question I ever seen...
  3. :p /agree, I think your a little stoned, eh? The stuff in your stash is lifeless.
  4. You'll be waiting a loooooong time buddy. I mean, it won't happen.
  5. cloning a cola is another story.
  6. Well, my plant was snapped in half by my mom and I re-grow it. I just watered it and gave it light like normal and it came back to life and grew buds. Plus it was a cheap set-up. You can check it out if you want.:)

    I not sure if regenerating is the same as re-vegetating, but if it's not, according to this thread A Guide To Re-vegging

    all you have to do is switch your light hours back to vegetation hours, 16-18 hours of light and it'll be forced back into the vegetative cycle.:D
  7. Screw it man, I say give it a try. Stick that baby in some of the miracle grow soil so you don't have to feed it, grab you a 15w cfl to hang over it, and put it on a 6/18 light cycle. All that's left to do is kick back and read a few stickies while you wait on your bud to grow.
  8. Oh no, don't give it 6 hours of light!:eek::eek::eek:
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    Turn the lights off for 2 weeks and set it in damp soil... It will grow alot bigger in no time! Actually send me your biggest nug and I'll test it out first... Send me a few extra also incase the first one doesn't take
  10. Naa, man since it is a reveg you dont have to keep it in the dark for the first five days like you do sprouts. Reveg's dont need the added benefit of stretching. You can load that bad boy up on the full six from the get go.

  11. Growing a tree from an apple wont work.... growing a plant from bud wont work.

    You need to clone the plant itself. or by the seeds in the buds
  12. ?????
    yes it will, apple seeds are in the the apple. that's actually how a apple tree would grow in the wild the apple would fall rot adding NUT to the surrounding soil and next spring, new apple tree.

    If that bud is fresh off the plant yes you can root it and grow it. If it is a bud from a bag you are smoking on no it is way to late.
  13. i was baked as F, end of thread lol
  14. where do i enter my caps lock "LOL"

    oh wait. ;)

  15. LOOOOL and


  16. You ha e no chance in hell of bringin a dired and cured bud back to life thats like trting to plant and water your garden fence. It wont grow.

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