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  1. Did a run of Ethos 10th Planet. I cloned 4 of the 5. The one I didn't clone was so far behind the others I didn't think it would do anything. It literally stalled as a sprout and did nothing for over a week while the others grew as normal. After harvest the story was different. She definitely yielded less but the product has a sweeter smell, denser buds, and tested 2-4% higher than the other 4 using tCheck. I've already got her back in fully vegetative mode and ready for me to take clones from. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience or has done a comparison of flowering from a clone that had never been in flower vs a clone from a reveg
  2. Some strains never seem to completely return to what I call a full vegetative state and always look a couple of weeks into flower and don't have the vigor that a veg stage only plant seems to.

    I've done reveg time and again to try and rescue a favorite strain but eventually I let them go in favor of a clean clone.

  3. There was a very good grow journal on here about 3 or 4 years ago. Reveg. He did a grow journal with it.
    End result . He revegged it from a harvested plant . Except the very bottoms of the plant .
    He got a monster yield from it . He said the harvested plant was just as good as good as it was when he harvested the first time . So yes three weeks of veg before flipping top it if you need to keep it short . You may or may not see the old growth starting to veg again. That is ok. The new growth will be in veg and you will clearly see that . Do it please make a grow journal for us .

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