Reveg + clone = ScrOG

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  1. I dove straight into an advanced situation on only my second grow and I'd love some advice from you more experienced growers.

    Ok, I've revegged two mother plants and have a clone from each them. I'm now about to start my ScrOG with the mother plants and the clones together.

    The reveg mother plants were sort of a dangerous experiment for me because I took the clones from the main plants during flower, then after harvest pushed everything to reveg.

    My thinking was that the mother plants would be slow to grow back and switch to vegetative at the same time but the clones would have a little bit of a head start since they at least started with some foliage.

    I knew this would be a lot to ask of clones so I took four from each main plant. Good thing because only one of each set made it. Now I have viable clones starting to fill out and mother plants full blown bushy and vegging.

    So here's where I'd like some feedback and advice from you guys:

    After I harvested the two mother plants I cut them down to the stalk with two sets of branches remaining (four total branches each). I also pulled them from their original pots, trimmed down the root ball and put them in another pot with new soil (FF Ocean Forest).

    This worked well, however now that I'm ready to start the ScrOG those pots for the mother plants have both cracked badly and I need to re-pot - again!
    I'm worried about over-stressing them but I really think I should use this opportunity to trim the root ball more than I did the first time and trim back some of the extreme bushyness they've both developed.

    I know that's a lot of changes but if I reduce the foliage and the root ball maybe those will balance each other and the infusion of fresh soil will help them recover quicker.

    I know this was a lot to read but I would really value your thoughts on all this and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


    *these are older pics before I trimmed some of the main plants bushyness and don't show the current surviving clones in their final pot - or their more mature foliage. I'll update the pics when I get home next week. I'm doing this from a hotel out of town and my partner is taking care of the grow.
  2. I should add that these pics show 3 sets of branches on the main plants but after the reveg stage where the leaves are deformed I cut down the main stalks to only 2 sets so I'd have more clearance for the ScrOG.

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