REUTERS - Potheads, Beware: Shrinks Say There Really Is Reefer Madness

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by weedboss, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. REUTERS -- Regular users of pot are at greater risk of developing mental illness later in life, according to research.

    One study found that the risk was seven times higher for heavy users, said professor Robin Murray of the Institute of Psychiatry in London.

    Speaking at the Royal College of Psychiatrists' annual conference in Edinburgh, he said, "In the last 18 months, a number of studies have confirmed that marijuana consumption acts to increase later risk of schizophrenia."

    The findings come as the British government prepares to downgrade marijuana from a Class B to Class C drug next year.

    Most people caught in possession of a small amount will have the drugs confiscated and receive a reprimand or warning, the Home Office has said.

    According to a government fact sheet, pot "can cause psychotic reactions among individuals with mental health problems," but it does not suggest use of the drug can cause those problems.

    For his study, Murray reviewed research in Sweden, Holland and New Zealand.

    A recent Dutch study of 4,000 people in the general population showed that those taking large amounts of marijuana were almost seven times more likely to have psychotic symptoms three years later.

    Another study, in 1987, of 50,000 Swedish army draftees found that those who admitted at age 18 to having taken marijuana on more than 50 occasions were six times more likely to develop schizophrenia in the following 15 years. Murray said these findings had been largely ignored.

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  2. Wonder who financed the careers of those researchers ?

    I'm not saying it contradicts what I've personally experienced in over thirty years of smoking marijuana with other long term marijuana smokers.

    I'm saying it is total bullshit that was paid for by the Anti-pot folks.

    I only wonder why "you" feel the need to repeat such bullshit here.

    Unless your purpose is simply to attract flames.

    In that case ,you will no doubt be successful.

  3. Just posting this as it was the main headline for the Evening Standard Paper here in the Uk the other day, people can make whatever they want from this all i'm doin is posting the information. I know how you feel because when i read the whole coloum on this i was disgusted and infuriated how they could over hype such a thing which has no hard evidence to back it. This is showing the type of propaganda we are receving from our own government.
  4. *nods, looks down, shakes head*
  5. Weedboss, I appreciate your efforts to post information disregarding what side of the sense it falls on.

    I, no doubt, will do precisely as I did for the pro pot report in RMJL's post and go away and examine the report for ANY valid information.

    I'm very interested in studies of the Dutch model as it is still, IMHO, the only place where viable studies can be done on the long term effects of cannabis on a population.

    I, for one, do not immediately dismiss information as "bullshit" because it does not agree with my stand point.

    roach, no doubt you have done your research but it is unlike you to be so closed minded.


  6. I have personally smoked pot for over 20yrs. Sure we all get a little dopey when we are stoned. People also get drunk and do all sorts of things to their bodies. It's a problem if you make it one . Nothing in excess is good for your body, including pot. As for all that mumbo jumbo you typed , how long did it take? Is this called spam?
  7. No ,it isn't really spam .It is an article that is supposed to inform you of leading edge research on marijuana.

    You would think.

    The more the disinformation "seems" credible. The more reactive I become.

    Remember ,a whole lot of highly accredited researchers have produced a whole lot of bunk , Just to satisfy the "powers that be".
    Which is why marijuana is considered by many to be such an evil threat to the minds/economies of the world.

    Perhaps I do over react . I think somebody should .

    To me even a half truth is half lie.

    Now researchers ,especially drug abuse researchers ,are more desperate for funding. As a result their findings are more negative ,in opposition to known facts ,and favorable of the opinions of those in charge of the purse strings.

    I consider alot of the papers
    i read today more like paid "dis-endorsement" than actual research.

    I'll 'try' to keep an open mind tho in the future.;)


  8. Your more dumber then you give yourself credit for.

  9. The point is that there is half truths/lies on both sides. To blanketly disagree/agree with a study because of the conclusions it draws just strikes me as narrow minded.

    Our cause is just. We will prevail.
  10. these reports aren't nearly as damning as they seem, so what it is 7 times more likely? How about some real numbers? it is very possible that the control group who didn't smoke pot, 1% developed a mental illness. and those that did smoke pot 7% developed mental illnesses, doesnt soud so bad now does it? That even sounds like *gasp* it could be a coincidence!! That article didn't post the opposing viewpoint at all, how about the MANY studies that show MJ in its purest sense is harmless? Oh well, some people just like being brainwashed i guess.
  11. Weedboss, thanks for posting another volly by the enemies of mj freedom.

    I believe your point was to share the G-2 (intelligence) on the actions of the opressors of mj, not to support their cause. We've got to know what lies,studies or arguments the opposition is using in order to stop the disinformation and to liberate ourselves in the use of mj.

    There have been gov. sponsored studies in the past, there will be others again. They have the money and they're trying to keep building some kind of popular support for their oppressive policies. Our mission is to spread the word, to stand up & be counted, especially as voters.

    The people making the rules are primarily concerned with keeping their jobs. If they think that enough of their voting constituants want to see a change on mj policies, they will go with the flow. Bottom line: write to your elected representative, let them know where you stand. If we work together we will prevail!

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