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Reusing super soil

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by bigtony1498, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I just wanna shoot this out there. Sub says he does not reuse his super soil but how many people reuse there soil and reammend it over again and make it good again to just throwing it away. I thought other than pest getting in your soil the only thing that is getting used up is the nutrients right so if you replace the nutrients isn't the soil as good as if newly made up it you let it sit ?
  2. A lot of us reuse our soil. For years I've been adding my used indoor soil to my outdoor garden and just adding some extra compost and bumper crop. Just lately I've been learning more about how to turn my used soil into a better product than it was to begin with. By amending and reusing your soil, it will just get better every year. I've heard to use half of the original amendments to recharge your soil. I unfortunately haven't had enough practice yet to confirm that statement.
  3. Thanks for your opinion maybe others will chime in later that have done this before
  4. Recycling soil is a no brainer, why would anyone start over each year when they build a living soil?

  5. On my second grow with original soil without re amending, except for a compost re charge.....
  6. This 2013 growing season will be 10 yrs for the soil in my vegetable containers.
  7. Do you folks always add new humus when you re-use your soil? I do, as well as new ferts, but when i add more humus, then I have to add more airation and more peat so I dont end up with a soil that doesnt drain. My soil bin gets bigger and bigger each run because of the added ingredients. Is my humus so used up after a grow that I always must add more? Ive now collected about 100 gallons of soil and I only use about 25 per grow. A bit excessive
  8. Good work Yandi. Welcome to GC.

    Credit goes to ITG on this one. Just thought I'd save some people some foot work.



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