Reusable Joint Filter?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Cowonabike, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. So, I kind got rolling. But filters are a reoccurring pain. Can I make a reusable filter and attach it to a joint that doesnt have a filter? Are there better or easier ways of doing this?
  2. That's nasty man. Filters get nasty after one use, I have a friend that did this and it was nasty. Just get a new or don't use one.
  3. Well cant I do something kinda like a chillum with a joint on the end?
  4. Depends on what you are defining as a filter.  If its paper of any kind you don't want to reuse it as a filter.  Are you talking about more of a buffer?
  5. haha, ask an older person how they roll one without a filter
  6. Maybe a screen or metal (not aluminum) that stops ash for a filter. Obveously not reusing paper :p
  7. glass roaches my man
    RooR Phunky Feel tips. 
    found them in a local shop, it's hard to not go buy a set. the only thing stopping me is the $45 price tag.
  9. really? just get some generic ones. Headshops around here have em for like 3 bucks
  10. Don't even use filters.
  11. Dont even smoke joints.

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  12. just get a pipe
    never seen 'em near me except the RooR tips  :confused_2:
    but i roll such a small amount of J's it would be a waste anyway, a pack of RAW hemp/cotton tips has lasted me since January, we're a mostly glass household  :bongin:
  14.  Same with me. I bought one of those roach booklets. Has lasted me a while. I always rip like 5 of em and put em in my wallet with my papers. always ready. Then go through them as I use them. I still have like 20 left since december
  15. I own the roor tips i fucking love them!!
  16. I m smarter now, pipes are better, less smell.
  17. pipes do not provide the same sort of head high but everyone has a preferred smoking method i personally dislike pipes
    but op you can but it's honestly just not worth it if your trying to get good at rolling you should learn to smoke em with out any sort of filter the secret is no wet lips and roll it tighter on the end your puttin your mouth
  18. Can I do that on a pipe? (mine arnt that good)
    I think I want to try that
  19. do you mean like you are getting ash through the pipe? if so your best bet would be to buy a 5 cent screen from any hardware store and to not pull as hard when taking a hit
  20. Gross idea. Just vape.

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