Reusable joint filter tips?

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  1. Is there any type of tip that you can reuse again and again? Main purpose is to remove scoobie snacks but some tar filtering without reducing thc would be nice. Preferably under 15$? I just hate scooby snacks with a passion and dont think it should be part of the experience. I just want to rip the shit out of joints (and blunts if they have a tip for that too) without having to do weird stuff with my lips and tongue to make sure small pieces of weed dont get in and having to spit. I know there are actual glass tips you can buy but some of those dont actually filter out solid matter you know what I mean?
  2. search glass filter tips on amazon there's plenty of those. If it's not glass then it's not going to be reusable. There's paper ones too.
  3. I used to use a "plastic tip" that came with my desktop vape as a hose/bowl connector...worked like a charm when I used it....but I don't smoke alot of J's
  4. Glass tips for joints are extremely simple, fast, and efficient to clean as well. They are reusable, so you can continue to use them again and again. Simply clean them using a pipe cleaning and rubbing alcohol, getting all of the resin off and fully cleaning it.
  5. I can’t think of another simple re-usable piece. Glass pieces are excellent.
  6. Stick a fatter piece of bud at the tip of your J's and L's. Stoner filter at its finest . RIP that shit, and no scoobies.

    As far as for tar, cant help ya bro. It's been years since I got weed in my mouth from badly rolled anything.
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  7. I see the Finky Fill Tips (sp?) being used a lot in Cali like this.
    They look to be a bit more of a hassle for ME that just rolling in a "filter" from Raw.

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