Reupping on shrooms?

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  1. So my friend and I are buying 5g of shrooms, and we plan to start by lemon teking 3g worth and splitting that (correct me if I'm wrong but that should be an alright trip alone since lemon tek supposedly doubles effects no?), and then we're planning to once we start tripping to take the remaining 2g, 1g each. Would this increase our effects, and would this make our trips last longer? And does lemon teking truly work in the way that it doubles the potency? Thanks guys.

  2. Definitely would be an alright trip! THe lemon tek helps alot, but i wouldnt say doubled, but close probably. As long as taking more once tripping goes, it will most likely just make it last longer, but it might kick it up a LITTLE bit. Have fun with those, and get goooood music :wave:
  3. smoke some weed during your trip
    itll help you chill out and good trip man
  4. I always smoke while tripping.
    This will be my 6th or 7th time tripping (same as the friend).
  5. I wanna go on a crazy trip....
  6. im gonna do an eighth for my first time
    good idea?
  7. 1/8th was fine for me for a first time.
  8. what were the effects
  9. Fascination/wonder/euphoria/confusion/time lapse/introspection/retrospection/visual and auditory distortions with some minor actual visual and auditory hallucination.
  10. what kind of hallucinations will you experience.
    will it be flashing colors or intense like seeing music

  11. just do all 2.5G at once. trust me, you'll be disappointed if you bought them and had a not so intense trip because you spaced out the doses.

  12. It's extremely hard to describe this bro and differs for everyone since the mushrooms can bring out things from the inner depth of YOUR consciousness.
    All I can suggest is you down some shrooms and see what I mean.
  13. k man i cant wait
    pickin up this weekend
  14. Sending good vibes your way brother. :hippie:
  15. yo does anyone know what speed pills are
  16. Dude, dont hijack the OP's thread!
  17. Wow my thread is just full of fail....

    Kids, stop asking about the effects of drugs, and learn how to google.

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    but for real google

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