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Reuniting With Mary Jane, Plan On Going Out With A Bang. How Should I Do This?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by clizoudkicker08, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. ok so i get to start smoking weed again Wednesday, any suggestions on how we should reunite again since its been so long? im buying the whole onion so this ought to be fun. i usually bust down some blunts and roll a jay, or i bust out my zags and roll a doobie. i have a bong and pipes so i mean im probly going to be switching it up all night. i just want to know different ways of smoking that are really for those "celebration smoking sessions" the type of stuff you dont do on the normal, saved for special occasions. i would love to hear from all you stoners across the world and how you guys do it for a big event!
    much love, happy tokes, and kick a cloud! 

  2. i ended one of my detox with all the doobs you see right there <-------- in my profile pic
  3. #3 MortalTombat, Jun 3, 2013
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    I use suppositories when I want to spoil myself and make an evening out of it. 
  4. 8 doobies to the face....FUCKED UP!
  5. it might be said that this was with a little help from my brother too, and was an all day occasion :)
  6. myne is going to be 6pm plus soo.... but man, ima post pic of the ounce
  7. NICE..OK...I get the best green I can get..fill my g on g w/spring water and ice...and pack up a fat two hitter after two hitter.  I like a two hit compared to a single don't know why.
  8. I'm assuming you bought some dank so I'll go ahead and say you should also purchase 2-3 grams of some mids for cheap and cook yourself up a potent ass brownie with coconut oil or clarified butter to kick the day off and then smoke the rest of the day. You will be high as fuck .
  9. an onion is an ounce of coke. some party youre having.
    and blunts are the best way to smoke. gets you the highest.
    i would do a rip in a gbong and smoke a whole blunt all by yourself.
  10. somebody get this kid outta here
  11. what i doo?! 
  12. yes, i always cop loud last time i smoked mid was when i was in high school, and everybody in the area of the high school had mids and mid only. it was crazy, mid was their weed smell.. came to school one day with some purp, pulled all the stoner bitches
  13. onion is not an ounce of coke, or well maybe from where your from
  14. whats an onion?
  15. #15 clizoudkicker08, Jun 3, 2013
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    oz of some fine
    dosnt haft to be some fine, just an ounce of trees
  16. well it can go for both. lets make a truce and use ea other's definition
  17. or you use yours and i use myne...truths, let me correct myself and say im buying the oz :)
  18. or zip. which just sounds awesome.
    rolls off the tongue. zzzzzzip
  19. #19 van richten, Jun 4, 2013
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    Blunt get's you highest? Hmm wonder why. Oh maybe cause the tobacco to the dome and all the chemicals in that paper. Yummy ain't it? Yeah, fuck your blunts. 
  20. just a blunt hater! try it before you knock it. a true toker doesnt discriminate!

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