Returning to GC, anyone remember me?

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    I made a decent amount of posts withing the last few years but i havent been here in almost a year i think, my l;ife is 100% different than when i started posting here haha.
    the site looks a LOT diffferent, i think the status update shit is lame. i hate when forums are too busy. but its all good. missed this place. 
    i dont even know if i remember anyone from here, or if anyone i liked it still around haha. do i still have mad rep? 
    edit: ah, is reputation gone now? probably for the better haha. 

  2. Welcome back! I don't remember you but I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention that long.
  3. nah, no Rep. they didnt want to hurt the feelings of others, you know "equality", and being "fair" and all that bullcrap... but i think the real question here is; do you remember me???
  4. I think I remember seeing you around.
    Rep was transferred over and now likes add to that total. When you hover over a user's name, it's displayed under their avatar.
    Welcome back. :smoke:
    i remember you for sure..
    one of my favorite posters..
    we can talk about horror movies and shit.. plus we have a lot in common on how we view the world..
    welcome back
  6. Why don't you tell us all about how your life has changed and why you were MIA. Make this thread interesting :)
  7. Yea the new GC update blows. Simpler is better
  8. well, back then i was dating my now ex girlfriend, we dated for five years. i stopped posting when she got addicted to oxy contin and started stealing from me and my friends. she sold my record and dvd collection, which was sizeable, probably for next to nothing to a shitty store called TUNES. where no one will apreciate fuckin rare first pressings of goth records and italian horror movies. but whatever. I loved her regardless, drugs change people. 
    after she sold my shit i sent her to rehab, it was about two hours away and i would drive up there every weekend to visit her, bring her food, cigarettes, etc etc. well, while she was there she started talking to some fucking guy, who she says she fell in love with. this is viable because at the time, although i visited her, i was very distant and angry with her, our relationship had disintegrated, but i thought she still loved me like i loved her. i was wrong, when she got out of rehab she dumped me for him. he is a 30 year old junkie with felony charges, lives with his parents, etc etc.
    i was also living with parents at the time. because she got us kicked out of our apartment from stealing from friends and ruining many relationships, but she she dumped me i decided to get my fucking shit together. i didnt have a job, i was up to 280, no money, fuckin bum. 
    well i changed that, during the summer i got a manual labor job and started eating better. i went from 280 to 180 within a year. im at 180 now, i think its pretty much my steady weight. ill include some photos at the bottom to illustrate the change. i also got a full time job about 9 months ago and have been saving, heavily. i have amassed a couple thousand dollars by myself in a short time. im really proud of myself, its more money than ive ever had. i now live in amaazing beautiful apartment with 3 of my good friends, and have pretty much nothing but good times.
    im also in two bands and now release a fanzine entitled "afraid of the basement: all things dark" its a real print paper zine that i gave out for free. im about to release the second issue. its pretty popular in the punk circle ;)
    some photos of my weight change:
  9. I remember you! Because of your avatar.
    Remember Royksopp? I changed my name.
  10. i also remember your avatar, yes ma'am. 
    Dude... I still can't figure out this new layout. when I click "view new content"... it says there is nothing. I'm just too much of a badass to ask for help.
  12. yeah definitely. needing help on a computer makes me feel old and im only 25. 
    It'll take a few days to get used to it.
    I too, felt like a senior citizen when the upgrade first happened.
  14. I remember you dude. I'm pretty sure we got into a little tiff over something in the music section. I definitely remember that name though.
    That's pretty fucking amazing that you hit "rock bottom" and didn't drown in your sorrows like almost everyone else does. You grabbed life by the balls and made it your bitch and now it's paying off it looks like. Good for you man. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. I hope that bitch didn't steal Beetlejuice....
  15. haha sounds about right. and yeah, i mean, i am still emotionally crippled. i really wanted to marry her and she was like... WAY too beautiful for me, truly hot as fuck. haha. i will miss her forever. but fuck who she became. 
  16. Just remember dude, you're on to bigger and better things. Where do you think she is at now? Still with that dude? While you're making your life better. Dropping 100 pounds is no easy task. Not that I know, but I am going to assume it was not an easy or fun ride at first. People are gonna see that you put hard work into yourself, and that you can probably put hard work in any other area of your life. People are gonna respect that.
    Ya know, I don't want to sound weird or creepy, but I am gonna say it again. Good job dude.  That is really motivating as fuck to read, and I'm glad your presence is back here. 
  17. yeah, losing the weight is probably the biggest accomplishment in my whole life haha. im pretty proud, the best was when i went to a family party and everyone was just in shock, the only way it could have been better is if they didnt follow it up with 'youre not on drugs are you?' haha. i of course replied with  "just weed grandma".
    Lol, you were young and that was probably your first love. Almost every time your first love ends horribly. What I want to know is if most guys still wish they had that fist love back or not? For some reason.... mine was like 12 years ago, but I still have never found something like the relationship we had :( I still wish I had that chick!!!!!! And I've had a couple loves since then, and was always thinking about that first one...... she was just a firecracker. Nothing will compare. Oh well :(.
    BTW, keep saving. A couple grand isn't shit these days. Trust me. That can be made in 1 day if you really try.

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