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  1. where to begin....?

    firstly, i suppose, a whole loada thnx are in order... forgive me if i leave anyone out (which i'm sure i will)

    thnx rumjil
    thnx Superjoint, and sorry for my part in any disruption caused.
    thnx switch
    thnx phunkyphil
    thnx Hempress
    thnx krazihare
    thnx Budhead
    thnx Elementxero
    aw heck... thnx everyone! (that should fix my forgetfulness)

    and now, a little clarification on my possition, as some people have taken what i said the wrong way.

    In no way did i ever dispute the logic behind the rules or the existance of rules in society.
    I understand the differance between the theoretical ideological Anarchy and the reality of Anarchy... i myself said we couldn't let this place get like yahooka. this is the very reason why i created a poll which clearly stated this difference in it's options.
    In no way did i make any attempt to discredit any of the mods. they are all without doubt among the very best of us blades... why else do you think they are mods?!

    I did however dispute making a rules thread sticky and enforcing people to activly agree AGAIN. I understand why this was done, but i also beleived it should have been the right of the population of the city to dispute this action.
    I disputed the seemingly outright autonomy and authority without any form of "civil rights" or "blade rights" (heehee).

    I have more of my own reasons for my actions based on my principles. and it is those same principles that define why i cannot share many of them with you. I realise this doesn't help my cause... but unfortunately that's the way it is.

    I never broke the rules (to the best of my knowledge) and never intended to. The Rules posted were, for all i can tell, within the rules I guide myself by. My intent, when making my primary argument, was simply to remove the soul crushing burden i had laden myself with by accepting authoritariansim over the individuals right to make choices. which is something core to my beleifs.

    as for my "naive idealism"... it was no more naive than an absolute belief that Authority (no matter where or who it is) can be absolutely correct. that is perhaps a matter for some philosophical debate. ... sometimes i think we could all do with seeing the world through child's eyes again... before we all became corrupted by the horrors of the world.

    I understand that in such a growing comunity there are a wide variety of veiws. I'm sorry if, through expressing my beliefs again, i have pissed anyone off.

    What went on between me and Critter, went on primarily behind closed doors (pms), so any gossip lovers will just have to wonder about that.

    I hope this uglyness has been put behind us, and normal life at the city can continue.

    i have to add here, I thought i had found the closest thing to an ideological anarchy here in the city... I thought it was the blades themselves who helped maintain "order" through the content of their character.

    again, don't get angry with what i say. tis mearly a point of veiw.

    even if i do feel like im walking on eggshells, IT'S GOOOOOOOOOD TO BE BACK! :)

    and critter... I hope we still pals.

    luv ya all.
  2. It's all in the past dude...way back there! ;)

    I love ya and am glad you are back so...get to posting polls, Poll Master Digit!!!!!

    Oh yeah, if by chance there are any eggshells to walk on, I suggest we clean them up...where there are eggshells, there are eggs and the whites and yolks get icky after they sit out for a while...smelly too!!!!!
  3. what's in the past? what are u talking about? forgotten already.


    ::: Digit get's moppin and hands rumjil a mop :::
  4. A mop, huh? :(

    Ok, I'll mop with you but just so you know, I'm only doing it cause you handed me the mop! ;)
  5. I wasn't here when the shit hit the fan..
    I do wish that we were able to do as we please..

    I kinda wish I had made myself a lot clearer as to why I posted the rules..

    It had nothing to do with the older members. Ya'll already know what you can and cannot do..

    the new people come in every day, and do not read the rules just agree.

    I thought by posting the rules that the mods would have more time to be blades and less to moderate.. It did work but hey we all love the blades on the city so I took them off..

    You are a desired member of this family.. We hope to keep you here as to post a poll or two..

    Some of your polls have more merit than we give credit for..

    Just be happy and join in on the grasscity's song..

    Take over RMJL!
  6. yeah... this mop thing isn't working. just making more mess. i don't think mops were the right tool for the job even if i did have a bucket and water!

    ok... a song?....

    lets hear it.
  7. ::jumps for joy::

    Digit's back!!!
  8. hehe thats quite a returning speech, glad ya could be back! your rants and polls would be seriously missed if ya left for good.
  9. The mop and water doesn't work with out soap! LOL

    I hope things get back to normal.

    What is normal BTW!
  10. So we are going to have a poll master.

    satisfactory :)


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