Return To Zebes (C-IV's Super Metroid Dubstep Remix) "Intro"

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  1. i just started working on this last night. got the idea to do a track like this from Jenova Project by Datsik. all the sounds are from the game except for the drums and the sweep for the build up. this is just the intro so far, it's gonna go into a dirty wobbly track after this part. im also hoping to turn the ridley boss music into a drum n bass part in the middle.

    what do you guys think so far?

    C-IV - Return To Zebes (C-IV's Super Metroid Dubstep Remix) - SoundCloud
  2. I am impressed. I've tried things like this before, but it was never for me.

    I'd love to see the finished product, and I have a few friends that are huge metroid fans that I'll pass this along to. :hello:
  3. awesome! great to hear that man! super metroid was probably my all time favorite game for the snes along with super mario world. such a good game. i wish they would make another one, only just like super metroid, side scrolling and everything. just new worlds and shit
  4. I completely agree with you on this one. I bought metroid for game cube or something a while ago and it was a frist-person-shooter!...

    I was pissed and bummed at the same time. Why fuc$ with a classic? :mad:
  5. oh yeah, metroid prime? i actually liked those games to a certain extent. not nearly as good as super metroid though. it was the best

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