Return my 90w ufo?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by greenthumbed, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Ok heres the deal I bought one of these 90w quad band ufo leds off eBay. They say how great the are and have 100% feedback where many others say how good their lights are. Well I had my seedlings under the ufo for several days after taking them out from my cfls and didnt see as much growth as I did with them only under 3 26watt daylight cfls. I was like wtf? So I added 4 26w daylight cfls to the ufo and growing started up again.

    For as much as they hop these things up, Im not really happy with them. :(

    Im considering sending this ufo back as it was $200 and I cant tell if its doing much.

    Should I do an experiment and remove the ufo and leave the cfls and see what happens or just give up on the leds?
  2. you get what you pay for... a real 90watt ufo would have been 500 bucks easy. it has to do with the LEDs they use, the ebay ones are only 1 watt per LED. the good, reliable brand name LEDS are 3watts per LED and higher intensity. ebay is known for the CHINESE CRAP you can find on there, go somewhere that can actually give you reliable unbias info about their products. you find all sorts of good people in hydro stores, at least i do. Nice people that want to just spread good info, and if you dont like what they offer they will suggest an alternative to suit your needs. dont give up on LEDs at all. Get a good 1000 watt LED panel for about 1200 bucks and do another grow. meet some people with experience and see if they are willing to tell you anything they have discovered while using LEDs. good luck and happy growing
  3. i got my UFO from i think thats how it spelled. Either way mine was 200 bucks, and i haven't had a problem with it at all.
  4. I got mine from sunlighthydro on eBay and dont think it works. Is this the same company??
  5. So we talked today and he says everyone loves their lights. We will see.

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