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  1. I'm here planning retirement. I haven't worked since I was 37 Years old and what was 15 years ago. So my kids are in college and hopefully on with their lives.
    I'm in the USA and have been shopping for good lcoations to retire.
    Considerations are cost of living, weather, thinsg to do.

    I have looked at Arizona, Nevada, Florida and now find myself looking further.

    I was thinking to get the best of all worlds maybe going to different places at the best time of the year would work. So it leads me to questions that can only be answered by people who live there.

    Netherlands - Whats a good area with a nice weather season and things do do..but at what cost factor?

    Nevada same??

    California maybe..

    Florida maybe...

    I plan to train to these area's to check out the issues that are realted to the above. But going as a tourist just doesn't cut it.
  2. I have a buddy that retired to Hawaii. He loves it there. Always beautiful and something to do all the time! Might be worth checking out!
  3. If I ever get to retire, I would love just to live somewhere in the moutains away from the world. Maybe thats the hermit in me but I want to have a peaceful life where I'm one with nature and dont have to deal with the bullshit of city life. Maybe thats why I'm content to live my life in the hills of wv.................

  4. But I heard and my research tells me the costs of living is rather high there.

    It's not that I'm goona be broke But I want to be able to do all things I have become acustomed to doing on a regular basis.

    The weather is a big plus there and the landscape is greta as well.

    I'm thinking of becoming a snowbird.
    Good weather times will guide me.
    Something like :
    Summer in the North and winter in the south...but where is my big question.
    And the world is large place.

    Maybe Like a Mexico - Virginia
    Nevada - Amsterdam ( grin)
  5. california is beautiful. i hope to live here all my life. but it's expensive here in the bay area :( try $12-1500/month for rent if you want a decent 2-bedroom apt!!!
    up north, mendocino or humboldt counties are beautiful all throughout the year (a bit rainy though) and are a bit more affordable.

    we hope to retire up there, even though i'm only 25 i can't imagine living anywhere else!

    though florida and nevada sound kinda nice. arizona can get very hot i am warning you if you cant handle 120 degree weather! ;)

    happy retirement hunting

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