Retirement Home for old bongs?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Nsanenthmbrane, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I have been smoking for almost a decade now and have managed to amass quite a few pipes bongs hookahs etc. I was wondering if there was a place where i can sell my old pipes to a good home? Nsane n th Membrane
  2. You could clean them up and put them on craigslist, I'm sure someone near you would be happy to buy something, especially if the pieces are unique.
  3. Clean them really well and put them on Ebay
  4. I do have a gasmask that needs a good home. Ill check out CL i was woderin if the was like a marijuana ebay or somethin lol
  5. There are tons of cannabis items on craigslist but I don't think there is a marijuana ebay haha. Craigslist will work perfectly I know there is a lot of people who use it to sell their old bongs. Just make sure the transaction isn't sketchy and the person seems reliable, don't wanna get ripped off.
  6. yeah i dont trust CL much but ill give it a try
  7. I agree that craigslist isn't the most reliable place to go, but I can't really think of any other alternative unless you know someone who is willing to buy them and just do a transaction that way. But a 10 year collection I'm assuming is a lot so you probably wouldn't be able to sell them all to your friends, not much else you can do I believe.

  8. just make sure you got a buddy with you when you make the deal.

    ive never had a problem.
  9. yup ive got like 8 bongs ranging in size from one foot to a 5 footer, bout 20 pipes, grinders, 3 hookahs, gasmask, its crazy man its like a head shop in my appartment. lol
  10. I would use ioffer. I guess thats all i can say without linking?/
  11. Use BM,... (pm me if you dont know)... one of the most legit selling/trading/buying places you can go to. Your selling to other people, not the actual site. the site is sorta like ebay ,in that once a deals been made, it helps make sure the transaction is in agreement and all parties know/are doing what they are supposed to.
  12. I would suggests craigslist/ask friends and people you know if they're interested

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