Rethink Afghanistan / Several part film

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    Here is full version from Hulu:

    I could not find "part 1", so here's a video that is a "trailer", i've started you off with part 2 here..

    [ame=]Afghanistan War + More Troops = Catastrophe (Full Video) - YouTube[/ame]

    (starting here)
    Part 2
    [ame=]Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 2): Pakistan - YouTube[/ame]

    Part 3
    [ame=]Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 3): Cost of War - YouTube[/ame]

    Part 4
    [ame=]Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 4): Civilian Casualties - YouTube[/ame]

    Part 5
    [ame=]Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 5): Women of Afghanistan - YouTube[/ame]

    Part 6
    [ame=]Rethink Afghanistan War (Part 6): Security - YouTube[/ame]

    Another excellent report on why the war on "TERRROR" is un-winnable

    "Afghanistan is known to be the graveyard of great armies"

    "The soviet union positioned half a million troops during their invasion" - & look what happened to them

    "Since 2001, The U.S. air force has dropped 14,049 metric Tons (30.97 Million Lbs) of bombs in Afghanistan"
  2. This is how I would rethink the war...

    Is Afghanistan a threat to our national security? No
    Is this war a violation of the War Powers Act? Yes
    Is this war an abuse of Presidential power? Yes
    Is the average American citizen benefiting in any way from this war? Nope
  3. I'm surprised that so many views and no responses..we have a large audience here that doesn't support the wars that would find this documentary very interesting...If you guys just "arent" watching it, do so!!!
  4. Might be busy watching all these videos
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    yeah, im still trying to find the full version

    edit: found it on hulu, at top of page

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