Retarded Quote Of The Day Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by The Scorpion, May 23, 2013.

  1. Well I don't know about everyone else, but every single day of my life I hear stupid people say stupid shit and I got to thinking, if I took all the stupid shit I heard and put it into a book, I could those babies for $59.95, so instead I've decided to start a thread where people can post any of the retarded shit they hear people say on a daily basis.
    I'll start:
    Me: (in reference to the ongoing war on "terror") "all they're doing is making a few greedy men a whole load of money, nothing more"
    My uncle: "No they're fighting terrorism to keep us safe"
    *smashes face into keyboard*

  2. I got another one.
    "Lots of people used to get buried alive because we had no way of telling if they were dead"
  3. "Don't you think if there was a cure for cancer we'd know about it?"
  4. " I did not have sexual relations with that woman" & " I did not inhale" -Bill Clinton
    I like Bill Clinton, hell id probably vote for him if he was running again, but that was some stupid ass shit saying he didn't get a bj and that he didnt inhale when he smoked weed. like c'mon dude. your smart enough to become president, your smart enough to not waste weed!
  5. "I've been eating non-organic food all my life, surely if pesticides are that bad for you i'd be dead by now"
  6. Really wish I could add the tag 'tinfoilers'
  7. ^this one takes the cake. people call people who question what they're told "tinfoilers" as if we live in a perfect world where people in power have never done anything wrong.
  8. :laughing: :laughing: You kids keep playing.
  9. Not a quote but a retard moment none the less.
    I tried to smoke my bowl out of the carb and carb the mouthpiece. Ended up burning my lip
  10. That's actually somewhat true.
    What do you guys go to school for?
    Care to explain?
    And your last post didn't show up properly.
  13. Pretty sure namecalling to people outside the forum is against the rules. Might wanna delete or re word this thread and your post bro. 
  14. It's not called America. America is the continent.  :rolleyes: 
  15. "Why do pickles and cucumbers look the same?" Just had to SMH and walk away.
  16. The quote where Reagean said that 1 joint is equal to 100 atom bombs on bikini island.

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