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  1. I'm new to finding a job but do you make your own resume?... I have a medical card and a friend was telling me it's ganna be hard cause it show in my resume but I got confused because I thought you made your own resume any advice ?

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  2. yes you put what YOU want on youre resume
  3. yes you make your own, find a good template if you have office word. 
  4. You decide what you put in your resume, but they're gonna know about your card anyway. Any job where you need a resume to get hired is guaranteed to drug test as well. It's rare to find a company that doesn't drug test anyways. 
  5. your friend has absolutely no idea what he's talking about
  6. Yeah just make sure everything on the resume is true
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    haha yea after he told me that I found it wierd lol I bet he was on one ha

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