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    I just harvested my first grow. 4 plants (unknown strains - bag seed). Using a combination of 400W Metal and 400W HPS. This was a budget grow, I used only Promix BX and Worm Castings. Other than the above no additional nutrients. The pots I used to grow were 3 Gallon Buckets, since I had no other. I vegged for 7 weeks and flowered for 7 and 9 weeks. The end result was about and ounce and a half of marijuana (dried) from 4 plants. The plants were about a foot and a quarter tall at harvest. There were very little problems with this grow and the smoke is pretty good. For the drying process I air dried upside down for 5 days and paper bag dried for 4 days. Mason jar for three days.

    My questions are:
    Is this an average yield? How can I get a bigger yield in the future. Like to pull a couple ounces off each plant. Also will the pot I harvested get any more potent now? Any recommendations? Peace

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  2. Something doesn't seem right. Now I know average is relative and dependent upon many conditions. It sounds like your environment wasn't exactly quality enough. I think perhaps too many plants to that 400 could be an issue? I would say if you can, research around here on the other grows in similar conditions to yours. Results vary, but I think at least a zip per plant could be achieved in the time you ran. The other thing you say is that this was bag seed. It's possible the strain is just low yielding or perhaps the conditions you grew it in weren't optimal for it. Do you know the person who grew it? I'd ask them if you could. You're better off just getting some seeds or clones from a reputable dispensary or seedbank and start from there...
  3. did you have good ventilation?

    if you didn't then the combination of

    a)small pots
    b)no nutes
    and c)poor ventilation

    would deplete your yield greatly
  4. Ventilation is key, you need fresh air circulating 24/7 so they can eat up the CO2 in the air. Also, no nutes for a beginner means a low yield every time. Only experienced growers can get good yields using small amounts of nutes. I would look to add ventilation and at least a 3 part nute system for your next grow and watch those yields climb. GL
  5. 4 plants definitely isn't too much for a 400w..

    I think you need quality soil and nutrients. Makes a big difference.
  6. in addition to the above, fungus gnats and root rot can severely impact yield as well.

    18" is very stunted for 7 weeks of veg under 400w mh. I've flowered stunted plants before and they're always premature, even with flowering times. Sometimes it's just a roll of the dice, I've gotten dwarfs from good genetics. Did you use a scope to check your trichs?
  7. With 4 plants under 400 you should pull a min. of 1/2 oz per plant. You starved them. Lets see how much you weigh after 14-16 weeks of just bread and water, oh and probably stale ass air. But hey you live and learn that's what mistakes are for. ;)

    I'd suggest do a little reading, this is a good start. When you feel you have your space laid out right then grab you some seeds from here, those are great genetics and cheap.:smoke: Then make sure to start a journal so we can follow along and help out when needed.
    Good luck, and be safe.:wave:
  8. Pot size will directly impact yeild, your plant will only get as big as the rootball can grow.
    That said, there are so many variables that can impact yeild, its hard to say one thing to some it all up.
    Genetics, enviroment(temp, airflow, ect.) Training, growing style, nutes ect all play a role.
    If I were you, I'd start with good, known genetics, get your growspace dialed in, then start researching here to figure out which growing style suits you and your room.
    I'd suggest checking out some SCROG grows, its a great way to maximize yeild in smaller spaces, with few plants.

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