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RESULTS [HOW-TO]: Passing a mouth-swab drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 520medicineman, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Passed mine in 18 hours with vigorous teeth brushing and mouth washing along withe every other fucking tactic lol
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    Hey folks. I had an Oral-Eze screen on Thursday, after reading this and many, many other threads hoping to pass, and have been pretty stressed since. There is a ton of good advice here which I really hope helped me pass, but I also wanted to look at some more scientific data. Using Google Scholar, I found several clinical, peer reviewed studies, some about the Oral-Eze device specifically. Unfortunately, none of the databases i have access to through my unversity had the full text, so I was only able to read abstracts of all but one of these. Furthermore, I study humanities and social science, so I'm not really educated on how to read and make sense of scientific technical writing. Anyway, here are the conclusions that I believe are most obvious.

    1. Many of the articles do support the 36-72 hour max window for detection, especially in regard to THC itself. The situation gets more complicated with THC metabolites though, especially THC-COOH. Using certain cut-offs and combinations of indicators, some of the research suggests that the Oral-Eze  device may produce positive results for 15-30 days.

    2. Rather than how heavy a smoker you are, the biggest determinate in how long THC and especially its metabolites are detectable in saliva depends on how long you have been smoking. People who have been smoke over 10 years tested positive for significantly longer than those who had been smoking for fewer years.
    3. Few metabolites enter the saliva through the blood/secretion. Most is accumulated through physical contact with THC, which does suggest that a good rinsing and masking routine could render any residue undetectable. The studies I read didn't address this specificaly though, so that is just speculation and could be entirely wrong.

    If anyone has full access or better understanding of science, maybe you can help clarify this for me. What wasn't clear to me was if the protocals used in the study that found metabolites for weeks is the protocol used by the lab for analyzing these tests. I suspect if it was, there would be a lot more positive, but then again, it could just be that GrillMeat's techniques really are legit. This might also explain why some folks swear to have abstained for a week or more and still tested positive.

    This is the full text article I found:

    Here are some abstracts:
    EDIT: Just found another article that specifically investigated the use of listerene v. commercial mouth washes. Both worked, so GM's method is backed by science, as far as I'm concerned.

    There are a couple others, but these tend to cover it.

    For myself, I'm still sweating bullets as I really need this job. I was only able to abstain for 36 hours as the interview was a surprise, have been smoking for 15 years, and did most of GM's suggestions. I rinsed with mouthwash and peroxide, washed vigorously, and ate an entire small can of altoids, keeping two tucked into my cheeks until the very last moment. I was also able to keep it between my teeth, pressed fresh saliva into it, then sucked as much as I could back out before the very lax administrator noticed the blue indicator. I also had drunk 2.5 liters of water and took some multis before, just in case it was a piss test. I'll post my results when I know them. I figure I will be notified by Wed if I failed.

    Anyway, hope this info helps.
  3. Also, blood contains much higher levels of metabolites than saliva, and one article particularly mentioned that blood may trigger false results (I'm assuming positives). This was based on one participant in the study who's swab had blood on it; he tested positive after every other participant was show negative. So I'm thinking you should probably be kinda easy on the gums to prevent bleeding.
  4. Was clean from September last year but had a laps Thursday night early Friday morning had a mouth swob test this morning brushed my teeth and used mouth wash also chewed 2 tunes cherry menthol and managed to keep a polo mint in my mouth as they tested me will I pass this test plz could some 1 help as I'm so scared of losing my job over this stupid slip up thanks -Lilly [September 1, 2014]
  5. mine never did either?! did you pass tho?
  6. i took the blue dot test today with about 30 hours clean under my belt, but as the test was in my mouth for about ten minutes at first i wasn't letting it touch anything but my tongue here and it wasn't turning blue at all so the i let it sit on my tongue and it still wasn't doing anything the girl was really cool and said after a while that sometimes they mess up and that she would just take it so i gave it to her. all i took before the 30 hrs was one 10mg norco but i do have a script from about a week ago when i went to the hosp. do u think ill pass or will it come back inconclusive?
  7. Had a job interview and they told me to come in for a cheek swab test. Stopped smoking 72 hours before the test, brushed my ENTIRE mouth with the toothbrush, used Listerine then peroxide one after the other a few times after brushing and once right before going in. I was also told to drink some soda and swish around so its not obvious you're trying to sterilize your mouth, lol and that soda helps because it changes the ph in the mouth. Got a call two days later saying I passed :)
  8. umm...what was your results?
  9. what was your results, you guys never post results to back up ALL these post.
  10. I wanted to know if they can still use a oral drug test when the stick didn't turn blue?
    I took an oral test for my school and I wasn;t high but I smoke every night.  I did two test but both times i couldn't make the stick turn blue.  They finally just send the second one even though it didn't turn blue.  Can the drug test place still use this sample or will I most likely be asked to re test?
  11. Took a blue dot quest diagnostics oral swab test and passed with only 11 hrs clean! Went to an interview and wasn't expecting to get drug tested so I didn't do anything special to prepare. Brushed my teeth at night after smoking (+mouthwash) and then again in the morning(no mouthwash). As long as you brush your teeth and use a bit of mouth wash you'll be fine!! Highly recommend that you stop smoking at least 30 hrs before you get tested.. I spent a week stressing and it deff wasn't worth it  :unsure:
  12. Ok, I JUST took a mouth swab for Lowe's dept store. Blue dot, oral eze test AND they sent the results off to a lab. I probably intake anywhere from a gram to two and a half grams daily (for the past 4 almost 5 years hardly any quitting) of mary jay and I passed... Here's how: Got the call Saturday early afternoon that they wanted me to come in for a job offer pending an oral mouth swab test for drugs the following Monday. In my newest home state, WA (best ever!), it is currently legal to both posses and use marijuana for recreational purposes. So I do. However, Lowe's and a whole bunch of other stickler corporations stick to the federal standard regulations and that means no being blazed at work if you work for them. Saturday evening at about 4p, smoke my last bowl. Mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide swishing, brushing of the gums (After I took the test, I noticed a part of my gums felt sore, I do NOT recommend you brushing til you destroy your gum cells or damage your gum line but do brush the gums with purpose), scraping of the tongue and keeping plenty of fluids in. Yes, this is gross but I did it just as a CYA measure: threw up an hour before test. The bile you produce will harbor stomach acids that are so strong it will pretty much mask any THC hiding in your saliva. Brushed teeth and gums again, gargled with hydrogen peroxide, used some mouthwash, sucked on a menthol hall 15 minutes before heading to test. Took test, drenched it in saliva from my tongue and upper roof of my mouth for 2 minutes - within 3 minutes the color hole became blue. He said "wow that was quick" I was like "you *#$@ right! Ain't nobody got time for this to be an all day thing!" Manager packed it away properly, put it in the official medical zip lock baggy and shipped it to whatever testing lab they used. That was Monday. He called today (Thurs) to say my criminal background check and my drug test all came back, everything's good to go and I start tomorrow (Fri). Easy as pie. Hope this helps! And thanks for all smokers' tips!
  13. Anyone heard about the detox gum??
  14. hello my fellow greeners! hope everyone's having a great 4th weekend!

    So I had an interview today and luckily I was told I was hired. On the shitty side, I had to take an oral quest eze test and I am freaking out as fuck. They told me they'll give me a call next week wen they get the results back.
    Here's a short timeline of my smoking history for the past 4 weeks or so. I quit smoking bout 2 months ago before I went back to smoking heavily 3-4 blunts a day(not sure about the exact quantity here) for about 2-3 weeks before I quit for also about 3-4weeks ago (most recent time)for financial reasons.
    However, I had to drink some whiskey to lighten up my greenless days and just had a few drinks just last night, which was the night of my interview. But I did however hydrate reasonably, not excessively as I might should have had to.
    I did a lot of research on this quest oral test and had many conflicting and really confusing stories about people passing/not passing it and how they did it. But the majority of resources (including the quest website itself) say the oral test is for MOST RECENT drug use (24-72 hour timeframe). All I did was that I just hydrated, well somehow, and brushed my teeth 3 times followed by 4-5 times of listerin use including onetime 10 minutes before I did the test until I my mouth was on fire and hurting as fuck.
    I am really worried not to pass this oral test shit. Anyone with similar experience could give me a hint on what may happen. Keep in mind I've been abstaining for about 4 weeks. Your support is very highly appreciated fellas!!
  15. what exactly does peroxide taste like? it has to be just fucking abysmal. did it whiten your teeth? lol

    swishing with peroxide made me think of those old Marlboro commercials. "Welcome To Flavor Country" [​IMG]
  16. Hello guys I just took an swab test oral eze I did da brushing well, Listerine, peroxide, stop smoking for 46 hours, gargle all the was driving with Listerine and perioxide, and used Listerine strips while the test was in my mouth. I didn't let da stick touch any part of my mouth just let it get wet. They sent it out to a lab do you think I passed. I hope so I really want this job
  17. Just passed my test using the oral clear gum product so thought I'd share the experience. VERY easy to use, you can keep it in pocket and just chew it before planned test or random test and it should work. It says you don't have to abstain but I still did for mb 30 hours + (I'm a daily cannabis smoker since several months). It is explained well by Sophie on also, and I think if you really care about the job it's a no-brainer. It will cost more than just taking a chance with regular brushing and mouth washing, but still less than a hundred bucks for pretty much guarantee to pass..
  18. Hey everyone! I was super paranoid about my pre-employment mouth swab test, so I took to this site for answers. A lot of people shared advice and/or regimens for passing, but didn't get around to sharing results. So, I would like to share mine :)

    I applied for the job and was called on Tuesday to come in for an interview on Thursday afternoon. My brother who happens to work for the same company, informed me that they administer saliva/mouth swab drug tests, usually during the 2nd or final interview. I had never taken one (I had always been given urine tests) so I wasn't sure there was any way to pass. I read a few excellent pointers on here , one stated not smoking at least 3 days before the test. Since I had already hit the bong on Tuesday prior to the phone call, that put me at less than 48 hours. I was panicking. Before I went to bed, I oil pulled with Coconut oil. (If you're unfamiliar with it, hop on Google, you just swish around the oil in your mouth like mouthwash). So, I did that for about 20 mins prior to bed. The following day, (Wed) I oil pulled (15 mins) in the shower during the AM, swished around hydrogen peroxide (standard 3%) and followed with Listerine. I did that 3x on Wednesday. Thursday came around, interview went wondefully (no test) and they asked me to return the following day for my final with the GM. Again, oil pulling/peroxide/listerine routine before bed.
    Friday morning marked just under 72 hours, let's go with 68, and my routine went as follows: woke up, ate a bagel w/ cream cheese, coffee, hopped the shower and oil pulled again (15 mins) then stood there with my mouth open and let the water flush it out for another 10 to 15 minutes. I rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and followed with listerine. I had class for 3 hours prior to interview, so on the drive there (30 minutes) I ate a mini bag of baby carrots, drank a bottle of water and once I parked in the parking lot, I rinsed with peroxide and listerine 2 minutes before walking in. After interview, I was given the swab to hold in my mouth until wet. (Mind you, the consistency was that of a pool noodle) so, I sat there for a few minutes. He collected it and I was on my way.
    Tuesday morning I got a call that everything went perfectly and I start Wednesday! I am so happy I found this feed! Almost everyone was telling me I had to buy detox drinks etc since I'm a chronic smoker (almost daily for 10 years). So a huge thanks to everyone for the great advice! I really appreciate it!!!
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    1. Gargle peroxide
    2. Listerine strips on side of mouth
    3. ????
    4. Pass oral test.

    Id say wait 24 hours before smoking at least. I broke the 48 hour rule but still passed.
  20. Hi I just done Saliva Drug Test DSW-765 for my new job. I took a lot of amphetamine and smoked bong! 18 h after had saliva test for my new job. Pass it and still was buzzing [​IMG]
    Brushed my teeth 6 times, Listerine 10 times and hydrogen peroxide 10 times
    5 min before I went for test I done good brush and hydrogen peroxide couple times and pass :)
    It works 100% And it was my first time..

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