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RESULTS [HOW-TO]: Passing a mouth-swab drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 520medicineman, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Some fellow blades were asking if I would post a follow-up of how, and if I passed my mouth-swab drug test, so here's what went down.

    Turns out it was a panel test with immediate results, luckily I passed. For those of you just tuning in, this was an oral swab drug test during a job interview at Safeway.

    Here's what I did:

    I hadn't smoked for 38hrs before the test and prior to the 2 days before the test I just did a regular brushing routine 3 times a day. The day of I brushed 3 times in the morning, focusing on the gumline where the swab would be placed at. I basically brushed so many times that my gum was pretty really raw. On the way to my interview I drank a Dr. Pepper (told by a blade that this helps) and picked up a travel size bottle of Listerine and used the whole thing 10-15mins before I went in. During the actual administration of the drug test (they actually let me hold the swab and administer it :)) I made sure that I held the swab in between my teeth, avoiding touching the gum at all. Of course it was soaked but I hoped for the best, passing as I mentioned earlier.

    So yea, if you ever have a mouth-swab drug test don't sweat it! They are the EASIEST drug tests to beat, with pretty simple steps to avoid failing one.


    Step 1) Don't smoke at least 48 hrs prior to your test (some people can get away with smoking earlier, all depends on your body, but leave a good 48hrs to be sure). Would you rather blow your job opportunity on a bowl or have a job that can actually support your smoking habit?

    Step 2) Eat, drink, brush your teeth as you would normally (3-4 times a day) for the few days before the test. Mouthwash is optional until the day of. Be sure to drink lots, keep the fluids in your mouth moving.

    Step 3) Day of, brush them teeth like there's no tomorrow! You want to brush the gum line vigorously, focusing on the area the swab is going to be held at.

    Step 4) VERY IMPORTANT: Either use Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine 3-4 times the day of, following your brushing. It's gonna sting but man up, your getting a job!

    Step 5) Bring a tiny amount of mouthwash (travel size) along with a water bottle and right before you go in, get one more good rinse in.

    Goodluck! These are the EXACT steps I followed and passed not even 48hrs after smoking my last bowl (keif bowl I might add). Oh, and for those wondering, I got the job :D

    *Special shout-out to Granny for giving me some awesome tips when I wasn't too sure if I was gonna pass!
  2. Good post!

    Im sure this will help out a lot of people that may have a drug test!
  3. Are you the same guy I told about the keep it between your teeth thing during my break at Safeway? Lol sorry I was just wondering and cant check on my phone

  4. Yea man, thanks that actually helped out a lot! I got the job :D
  5. do they swab you during the interview or before you start the job if you do get it
  6. You may have to revise your methods as the kits are getting more sensitive. We have had three failures this month at my workplace in the UK who all claimed to have abstained for over a week. None of them admitted to being heavy smokers but even so, a week off the weed with regular flushing and cleaning should have done the trick. It didn't and they didn't get the job.
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  7. im gonna have a mouth swab test myself this upcoming monday. Its for the California Conservation Corps, they are state funded so im pretty sure they dont cheap out on the tests. Ill report the Results in this thread when i find out. Last time i smoked was 9/22/12 at Approx 10 AM. My DT is scheduled for 9AM. Thats around a 47 hour detox period. I do plan on using the peroxide method on top of the 47 hour tbreak. My cousin had a mouth swab and she smoked the day of and still passed. she used non diluted peroxide to wash out her mouth. Apparently it kills germs, i remember putting it on cuts as a kid, it would foam very strongly. I think this method will work, but i cant say for sure. ill let you all know when i find out.

    Here are a few facts about me.

    Im 5'10.25
    Currently 160lbs but i dont eat normally, Without smoking is pretty much impossible
    I have a very low body fat percentage, and an extremely high metabolism.
    I dont excersize regularly, and i have been smoking pretty much every day since August of 08.
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  8. thats what ive been doin for like the past year to pass mine at work.. whats easier to hide is the Listerne Strips... even when i got popped with a random i had them in my pocket at all times and i ate a couple quickly and took it and i passed..
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  9. Check that

    So monday i might only go in to size up for my suit and boots, and to do some finger printing. might not get tested til next month when i acutally start. ill be sure to keep the thread updated. I dont see very many post about how to pass a mouth swab from anyone with acutal experience. I figure what i go through can help someone else pass in the future.
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  10. test today yall

    peroxide in the car and fake piss incase i have to
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  11. Smoke. Use mouthwash. Chew gum on way to test. Pass.
  12. So i took my test and was taken by surprise when i saw it wasnt a swab, but a spit test. there is a big difference. swabs being more like toothbrush shaped dried cotton swabs, this test i had to actually spit into. Prior to the test, i smoked on sunday at around 7pm. I washed my mouth out with peroxide as soon as i got to the building at 7am, didnt take my DT til around 1 or 2. When they gave word we would be taking the swab, i swished the peroxide and took a couple of mints, icebreakers i think. Everyone was worries about failing, but errybody passed son. Aww shit, 1200 a month aint bad when you dont have many bills.

    TLDR: rinsed with peroxide twice, 6 hours before, as well as 30 mins before, 2 ice breakers, spit into the container and passed. easy money
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  13. I knew someone that dabs everyday and passed one of long as you brush youre teeth and gums alot before you should be str8 especially if you havent smoked in a day or two
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    I have a test to pass as well for lowes and i hear its a mouth swab. I applied iand took a test for them in 07 and was prepared for a UA, had the ol wizinator ready so i smoked a bowl on the way. I get there and bam mouth swab. If they had some type of unit of measurement on the test im sure it was higest amount of thc anyone ever had. Any way ill post my results when i get them im not sure when it will be though.
  15. Nice post! Swabs are realllllllly easy to pass though. They can only detect in the past 8-24hrs
  16. So i had my test today so hopefully i passed ill report back with a up date as soon as i can.
  17. I passed and folowed the directions in thr thread and only took a 3 day t break before. Im a heavy smoker too. 2-3 1.5 g blunts a day.
  18. Quest Diagnostic has a new swab called the Blue dot none of this will work they say it can't be adulterated just came out this year . Just did one for Lowes used the peroxide in am and again in parking lot before going in and ate Altoids while a waited then was test all this in less than 30 mintues. Had not smoked in 12 hrs
    failed this sucks big time better do some homework not a breeze anymore:(:(:(

  19. Damn that's shitty. My lowes is still doing the regular one at the moment. What state/location?
  20. Down South: Northwest Florida!.

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