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  1. So, a few years ago I bought some used resturant equipment for a good price. The idea I had fell through but I never got rid of the equipment. Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself trying to start some plants indoors so I might get a half decent sized plant in the very short growing season where I am.

    I was in my garage looking around and then I spotted the 2 fridges I had bought! One is a single door unit measuring 2X2X5 The other is probably 2X5X5. I took the smaller fridge, bought 5 4 light vanity light fixtures from the local building supply recycler and attached them facing down from the top most shelf. I wired all of them together and spliced into the old wiring for the display light. There is a hole with a cooling fan directly above the lights. I had hoped this would be enough, but it isn't. 20 - 23 watt CFL's put out too much heat for the fridge to cool. :( I'm at work and my wives are caring for the plants right now, but when I get home I'm gonna rip out the entire refrigeration unit and rig up a good sucker fan on top and a fresh air inlet in the bottom.

    The fridge has a glass door that I painted white from the inside, but sadly this isn't enough to stop light loss through the glass. I think I'm just gonna tape up some poster board to the inside of the door.

    The plants are loving life right now and have doubled in size since putting them in there. When they went in there they had broken soil for 2 weeks already (germed in soil, not toilet paper) 3 days of being in the fridge and they are all at LEAST double their size. :D

    I'm giving them just straight water as of now, but when I get home I guess I could start with the nutes... I don't want my girls killing of our girls by over feeding them. Once they out grow the fridge I'm probably gonna throw 2 outside and set the double wide fridge up to flower the other two. :)

    Hopefully the pics work...


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  2. Nobody has any input? :(
  3. Well hot damn...I'm about a week away from getting around to building one out a huge 3x6 standing reach-in cooler with a blown motor that I can't use anymore, so I figured why not. Interested to see what you can do with this...I'll be throwing in a 400w CMH personally, I take it you considered HIDs?
  4. very nice man.. does the fridge part still work? that would be worth it

    don't bother with cardboard on the door.. just get some mylar...or panda film... done deal... make sure you have no light leaks... none

    or use some hvac duct tape... 15 bucks a roll.. it will be time consuming.. but worth it
  5. Need to hear more about your wives. How many do you own?
  6. You could two tier that with a scrog setup looks good. Just put a couple more coats of paint on.

  7. :confused::confused::confused: Wives? What?
  8. I think he was referring to your plants. Your females. Your wives. Lol.
  9. Wait nevermind. Now I dont think that....... Maybe hes mormon?? But then he wouldnt be smoking the herb.
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    Hahahaha not true....i know lots o mormons that blaze
  11. looks great. i say put panda plastic on the door, and put in exhaust fan in either the ceiling, or the top of the back. maybe u could get a decent fart fan at the place u got the lights. everything elso looks great. obviously a hid would b better. but ive had some great cfl grows too. hids r just easier to work with, and much more effective. u should do this to ur bigger fridge, because this setup is only big enough for one full grown plant, but u could put lights on 2 levels and make this a cloning room, or early veg room, or just have one mother plant in there. or scrog the mother plant down low and clone them up top.

    if u could find a 100 cfm fart fan that would be perfect, they have some that are virtually silent, but cost about $100 at home depot.

    i would also like to hear about these wives ;)

  12. please dont call it a fart fan
  13. I plan on setting up the other fridge for more mature plants, and hopefully doing a 600 watt HID setup. The refrigeration still works but in no way can it keep up. :( I want to make use of them both for a continual grow, but it's all steps in a process. :) I've never really understood the scrog thing but wouldn't mind trying it. I want to keep the 3 of us in smoke all the time plus have enough for when we have the girls over... Once or twice a week we have 4 or 5 girls come over to party a bit. :) It's always fun but it can get expensive when everyone is smoking. :S

    I'm not Morman, but I have 2 wives...Kinda. LOL One real wife and one girlfriend. We all share one bed, and refer to each other as husband or wife. It's a nice arrangement but having 2 full time women is hellla lots of work! My job has me out of town for 7 days at a time so having 2 wives helps with taking care of the house and stuff. Plus nobody ever gets lonely and since they have their personal issues at different times of the month, I never have to worry that my week at home will be the WRONG week. LOL

  14. Sounds like you lead a very interesting life, but I guess I'd have to see pictures to know if I'm truly jealous or not.
  15. Of the plants, or the girls? LOL
  16. The first two are my girlfriend, the 2nd two are of my wife and then some of our friends, then me and my wife and my girlfriend and then the last one is me and my wife. :)

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  17. Alas, I won't have any pics of the plants till i get home. :(
  18. lol you must be a happy guy :)! i dont know much about growing(yet) but i send good vibes to your plants! hope you have a great grow----subbed---!

    how many lights do you have? how many plants are you growing?
  19. Thanks! I'll update as soon as I get home and get some pics. :) good vibes to your grows as well.
  20. Haha it looks like you are living the life dude, now just don't get caught!

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