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Restless Leg Syndrome- Help getting a card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Avalon Eve, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Yesterday I went to my pulmonary and sleep specialist for the first time. I told him about my legs and how they sometimes feel like I have this energy storing up in them and how it hurts not to spastically move them every 30 seconds about. He just nodded and told me I have RLS. I was then prescribed .25 g of Mirapex.

    Okay, I live in Michigan which is a MM state. RLS is considered persistent musicle spasms, which is grants for a medical card. Are there any ways I can wave the costs of seeing a doctor for a referral for a card? It says it costs $150, which I DO NOT have as I am currently unemployed. The entire thing is just too expensive, but so worth it to not have to worry about drug tests and the police on me for my grow. Plus I do know it helps with my RLS and major depressive disorder (depression doesn't work in Michigan).

    So, any help with the cost of seeing my doctor? That would be greatly appreciated. =D
  2. Any particular reason can't get a job?

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  3. No, I just have yet to find one that fits my schedule... and actually hiring. Michigan's not a very great job market at the moment...
  4. I can't help you with an mmj card, as it is completely illegal here in my state. However, I, too, have RLS, and the medication that my doctor gave me for it didn't work sometimes. I found a homeopathic remedy at WalMart. It's over the counter, and you can find it in their herbal supplements section. It's called Restful Legs, and they are tiny pills that you take sublingually. The bottle recommends placing 2 or 3 tablets under your tongue, and they quickly dissolve. I no longer use a prescribed medication for my RLS. That is one of the many scripts that cannabis has replaced for me. Nevertheless, even with the mj, I still keep a bottle of Restful Legs in my lock box with my meds for those nights when my RLS really gets bad.

    I can also tell you this. It has been my experience that even with cannabis, I still have short bursts of leg activity on and off throughout the day. I simply call them flare ups, as they tend to only last a few minutes. I wanted you to know this so that after you do get your card, if you still have moments when it feels like your legs are being pricked by hundreds of tiny needles simultaneously, if you try to endure for 5 or 10 minutes, it will usually go away. I just didn't want you to experience this in the future, and be concerned that your mmj isn't working. You may find that cannabis will take all of your RLS symptoms away though. Different people react in different ways.

    Sorry I was no help with your card situation, but I hope the other info I gave you will come in handy someday. Good luck finding a doctor.

    P.S. Of course you may want to consult your physician before you take any med, even if it is over the counter.
  5. Thank you for the help. Yeah, weed doesn't get rid of it all of the time, but it's WAY more frequent when I'm sober. I'll be sure to try that if my medication doesn't work. (gotta wait a week to see how it goes)
  6. Golly, restless leg syndrome gets you a card there? That's pretty spiffy, I don't know if they do that here. :p

    I've had RLS all my life, so does my dad and my sister. They both take medication for it, but I've just never felt like it was something bad enough that I need to resort to taking a daily pill for it.
    I just go for walks, which helps it a lot, maybe smoke some weed or drink a couple glasses of wine before bed.

    It's annoying for sure, but definitely something I feel like I can manage without a prescription medication. An MMJ card for it would be nice though, as it does definitely help the condition. :smoking:
  7. Is RLS an intermittent problem, or do you always have that feeling? Just wondering, because I have the same problem, but I only get it at night when I'm tired.
  8. I think your case should go to the city's major hospitals and treated with care!
  9. Oh my goodness I have RLS!

    It only comes about at night when im getting tired, but it is SOOO irritating... a building tension in your leg, that feels like an itch, a twitch and a spazzing nerve all into one..... I HAVE to end up kicking my leg around...and it just comes back within the next 2 minutes... lol. It goes when I sleep.

    I found Sativas to irritate it even more at night.
    Indicas helped to soothe and relax, as well as put me into a sleep - you're not kicking around in your's like when your head hits the pillow, your just in sleepy land.

    I'd like to see if you could get a Card for RLS. It has always been something I thought about, too. It would definitely help.

  10. lol... I didn't mean it as in.. "OH HEY WAIT A MINUTE! THIS MUST MEAN I HAVE IT TOO!" lol...! I have been diagnosed with RLS since a few years ago!

  11. hahahahah,okay :laughing:
  12. lol, i have it too. im going to try that restful leg stuff. Im on this homeopathic thing lately. My sister-in-law is a total hippie natural medicine chick. At first i was doubtful but arnica changed my mind. that herb is amazing at relieving pain and swelling. im going to get some tomorrow.
  13. You may find that cannabis will take all of your RLS symptoms away though. Different people react in different ways.

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