Restaurants and the munchies.....

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    Are there certain foods you think restaurants make specifically for the munchies? Like the portions just seem so big it could only be completed when the munchies start to kick in? idk i just started thinking by looking at this thread when i saw a tray full of soft tacos and a tray full of hard tacos from taco bell. They have those insane platters with enchiladas and whatnot. idk i think this is very very true but i wanted to see what you all think. haha

    -Grande Meals@Taco Bell
    -Platter Meals@Taco Bell
    -Mexican Pizza@Taco Bell
    -Most family run Italian Restaurants
    -32 oz steak with a side of potatoes and veggies
    -2 big macs for 3 bucks@micky d's
    -rippy's subshop, 8 inch subs, 1/2 lb of meat....
    -Chillis Frys+Boneless bufflao wings+ a beer
    -21 OZ. T-Bone Steak
    -Ruby Tuesdays
  2. Any Italian restaurant.
  3. haha those big ass fucking subs are unbearable unless you can get your munch on... anyone else? cmon some people have to agree. WHO CAN EAT A WHOLE MEXICAN PIZZA BY THEMSELVES AT TACO BELL?
  4. 2 words.Grande Meal
  5. the 2 big mac for 3 dollars deal is sweeet
  6. A local restaurant has a 32 oz steak with a side of potatoes and veggies. Is that even possible without munchies?
  7. if it is then you have to weigh like 500 lbs

  8. say whaaa? a mexican pizza isn't even that big, if we're thinking of that same thing. i used to eat like 2 or 3 of those at a time, back in my heavier fast food days.

    this lil' guy?
  9. the one's here are bigger lol :eek:
  10. theres this sub shop called rippys where i live and i swear you have to be high to finish one of their huuuge subs..they put 1/2 lb of meat on just an 8 inch sub, and thats the smallest sub they have. im too scared to order a bigger one and try to eat it haha
  11. o wow, that is a monstrosity. inhuman........ lmao
  12. Chillis Frys+Boneless bufflao wings+ a beer+weed+cig=gooooood start to night.
  13. 21 oz. T-bone steak
  14. i came
  15. :smoking:neato burrito's are HUGE

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