restaurant with best burger?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Well, this is sort of weird, but basically imo nothing beats a goddamn good burger. It basically has always been my favorite meal. Idk wat it is. So it used to be Andy's but then i tried Five Guys. Five Guys currently holds the spot for me for best burger.
  2. Five guys for sure, they also have the best fries

  3. hell yea. I'm starving balls right now and I'd do anything for a good blunt (dry as well) and a damn good five guy's meal. FUCK! I hate being dry and starving :(
  4. Scrape some resin get high, ride over to five guys and get a dank meal.
  5. Nitty Gritty
  6. i wouldnt mind having a nice juicy burger...


    i can smell it..

  7. no resin :( was making edibles before. It's ok though I'll find out some way to make moolah. And I just looked it up nearest five guy's is 40 miles away lol.
  8. Me personally, prefer a steak over a burger.

    And a chicken sandwhich, fried or grilled, also over a burger.
  9. five guys
    i used to work there

  10. well yes steaks are very good, burgers only better by a small margin. What place would you say has the best steaks? Texas Roadhouse in north carolina is best i've had

  11. Aww what a bummer.

  12. u ever work there high? I prolly wouldn't be able to handle it from the mad munchies + being at five guys :p
  13. Are you are Chicago? I know there are five guys around there...I don't know how far the chain extends. If you are near Chicago, check out kumas corner. They have ridiculously good burgers with crazy ingredients. It's a really tiny place though, and the wait can be 4+ hours on a busy day.
  14. cheesy bacon cheese burgers
  15. pineapple teriyaki burger from red robin. by far the best thing thats ever entered my mouth. nomnom!

  16. They got some 5 guys down in FL, I didn't think it was a chain business either at first, thought it was a family owned company only around here.
  17. They just built one in my small little town. They're spreading now.
  18. Anyone from the west coast try In-N-Out burgers? Fucking amazing. REALLLY good fries too. The only other particularly good burgers i can think of are papa burgers from A&W.
  19. those are good burgers, Walter
  20. aww man howd you know it was walter?!?

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