Rest in Peace

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  1. So my girlfriend almost got dropped off in the middle of no where. I was fucking with some weed in my car getting ready to blaze and I packed a bowl in my bubbler. She got scared and paranoid and threw this microfiber cloth I wrap it up in to put in a jar with over the top and the weed stuck to it and while trying to get it out she only got it more stuck.. so half a bowl down. I called her stupid a little bit and brushed it off cause she got scared and it was the right thing to do.

    So I find a port-a-potty and I've never smoked in one, so I park my car and act like I'm going to use it, and as I walk around the front of the car she beeps, I jump so bad the rest of the weed comes out of my bubbler and blows away. Inside, I cried a little.

    Rest in Peace to my bowl worth.

    I can't take it - I'm going to sleep.

  2. similar happnd to me, me and my freinds were smoking a bowl in the woods and a tick starts crawling up his neck and im like if i tell him hes gunna freak out and drop the bowl...
    so i didnt tell him, and he still has the tick on his neck.

    jk, that would be mean as fuck. i told him and he dropped the bowl and spilled the weed, but i flicked the tick off.
    weed>lymes disease
  3. We you high when you wrote this? Maybe it's just me, but that was confusing as fuck to read.
  4. Yes I was very much so, sorry for the confusion.
  5. There, I fixed it so it makes more sense now.

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