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Ressin !

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by caain, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I've never really been the type to scrape my pieces, and when i have in the past simply b/c they get dirty after so many months of use, i'd just trash the ressin.

    Well, last night i cleaned my oldest bubbler, and got a good chunck of ressin due to the lack of me almost never cleaning my pieces, the point of this story being is for some reason i decided to smoke the resin i scraped.

    and man did i get high.. I figured i'd get an awful taste and maybe a dirt weed buzz. The hits were actually pretty smooth and it got me baked !

    I guess this is just an appreciation thread :p Now that i've tried it, i feel more should be aware !
  2. sounds great, many people hate on Resin, but I've never tried it so i can't speak to its effects

  3. Why would anyone appreciate resin?
  4. again with resin?
  5. Just came to say it's *resin :p
  6. @ deox - Why not, did the job. Not something id smoke regulary obviously, but definately the next time i happen to be out of bud.
  7. Because its disgusting, and makes you look like a crack head.
  8. @ deox - I don't really see how it makes anybody look like a 'crack head' , the piece is going to get cleaned either way. Besides that, i doubt you know the first thing about somebody doing coke, message me if you want some info on the subject.

    Seems to me like you just maybe sat on a stick and it won't come out your ass? Somethings got you upset :(
  9. Well actually if you read the post, i scraped it b/c my bubbler was filthy, i still have green.

    And tbh, your smokin shit that grew out of the ground. It's a weed, hence the name.
    I'm not too worried about the resin, it's just the left over bits from that shit i'm smokin that came from the ground.
  10. Do you actually know what resin is? Lol.

    Oh, and anyone here who says they have never smoked resin is either a liar, or hasn't been smoking very long. I think every stoner has smoked resin once in their life. That being said, it's disgusting lol.

  11. Desperate times call for desperate measures haha. I usually never run out of weed, but if i'm dry for some reason and my dealers weren't answering i'd pop out the scrape stick, get some resin, and then clean out my piece for the next time I get bud.

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