Response from GC if I eat a spider and post vid??

Discussion in 'General' started by ThEbLuEMaGoO, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. I'll do it if y'all think it's worth my time lol :)
  2. Make sure its a big one.

    I know itll be worth my time.Maybe not yours though lol.
  3. Trying to find a nice juicy one, all I'm seeing is those creepy long legged basement ones tho hahaha
  4. yes do it...dip it in hot sauce and munch on it
  5. Lol id get a kick out of it
  6. It's gonna lay eggs in your tummy
  7. I'll be a mommy! Hahaha
  8. Ight let me go find one, how do I post a vid without uploading to YouTube?
  9. NO IDEA MAN, BUT IM DEFINATELY SUB'D oops caps lock was on:p
  10. I eat spiders all the time man. Go for it.
  11. What's so crazy about eating a spider... is it a black widow, tarantula..
  12. Nah nothing poisonous, but they pretty good size. I'm in the basement right now looking for one lol.
  13. Lol you got balls man.

    Every time I see a spider I get the creepy crawlies lol.
  14. Just don't let the spider eat you
  15. I found a crab spider about the size of my index fingernail, too small?

  16. Too small.

    We deep fry tarantulas in my home country, then season them with chicken flavoring. Everyone in my village goes wild over them.
  17. Subbed man. You better come through
  18. Thought so, I'm still looking but the big ones are big for a reason lol.

    And this aint gunna be no KFC tarantula, it'll be live and kicking.
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