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  1. this is what i got when i sent him an email through the Drug Policy Alliance asking him to make sure obama stays true to his word, is in favor of needle exchange programs, medical mmj in jersey, and to make penalties for crack and cocaine the same. Personally, i could not give a shit less what happens to people that use crack, cocaine or both because they are destructive drugs that should never be allowed to consume, but it sent it with my email automatically. Anywho, i got this response which in my opinion is rather bland and dull but what sites should i send him to suggest to look at besides

    Response from him:
    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for contacting me. Your comments are important to me and I wanted to confirm with you that I have received your message.

    Please feel free to contact me again should you have additional concerns or if there is any way in which I can be of assistance.

    Thank you,

    \t\t\t\tSenator Frank R. Lautenberg
  2. That's a generic form letter. No one read the message you sent. Odds are, they won't read any furhter correspondence.
  3. yo madrid thanks for the help i sent your generic letter and added this on top of it:

    Let me connect you to a personal story at that. I am a criminal. Yes i am a criminal as defined by America's legal system because i have been arrested for consuming a medicine that has helped me through life more than i could ever put into any email, speech, writing, or form of communication. No, i am not some stoner that wants to get high all day. On the contrary, i use marijuana in extreme moderation to exemplify how much control i have over my personal actions and to further prove how much of a lie this "stepping stone", "gateway", "whatever you call it" theory is. People that move from marijuana to harder drugs are simply people that do not have control over themselves. I have been offered almost any drug you can imagine multiple times and have refused each and every one with unconditional refusal. I am also an honors student, or should i say was an honors student throughout high school and am in college now. I am quite ambitious with my heart set on double majoring with one major in the science school of rutgers university and the other major of economics in the rutgers business school, which i am proud to be part of the first ever freshmen admitted class to be in the business school. It is considered some sort of honor. In addition, i have EXTREMELY close ties with my family including my brother, mother and father all the way to cousins and family i have in israel. In addition, i was a varsity tennis player all through high school with a 22-2 record high. Also, i very much enjoy music, particularly playing drums and guitar and love hanging out with my friends, taking a nice walk in the park, and volunteering with homeless kitchens and other activities. Hmm, well im some criminal HUH?! oh sorry i forgot to remind you that i did this while consuming marijuana moderately and i am no mental impaired idiot, nor a crazy thug criminal intent on destroying my life as well as others around me. I want you to take this into STRONG consideration when you ponder on whether terminally ill people as well as people with disabilities and various health conditions from insomnia to migraine conditions to back aches should be allowed to safely and legally access their medication.

    In addition, please actually send me a real response to my response considering i took time out of my busy day to put effort and thought into it. I am not interested in getting an automated reply from some computer.

    edit: btw EVERYTHING and i mean every single word of what i wrote is truth in its whole, i would never lie about such an important matter personally
  4. ok and right after i sent it i got this gay message:

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown (state 14).

  5. That shit is really long man

    That is like one big chunk of text almost 3/4 the size of my generic letter which states each point in about 3 sentences and moves on

    maybe that failure notice was a blessing in disguise for editing

  6. A)
    Don't send gramatically incorrect letters to politicians, they are like those on message forums and can only judge you by the way you type.

    Don't send them walls of text, they have better things to do than sit around and read novels all day.

    Keep it short and sweet, to the point. The shorter it is, the better chance the politician will read the whole thing and that means they will have more time to think of and write a response.
  7. Friends, please keep in mind that whenever you send a pre-written form letter, it will NOT get read. It MAY be counted, but the sender's information is always the same (from whatever website sends it), so the recipient already knows exactly what the letter says.

    Letters which are too long are also not read, at least not entirely. That's why I like to send hard-copy letters in the mail. I can write one page and include a couple of regular-sized sheets of paper containing large print, which make my point or add to what I've said. For instance, I might include one that has, in very large print, the results of a recent poll favoring my point(s), or one with a copy of a short news article, also making my point. Anything more I would leave for the next time I write.

    I liked dsmor180's letter because it started out shocking, in a way that got my attention, "I am a criminal". Very powerful! And, in the end, dsmor180 finished by asking for an actual response.

    I try to get their attention so they'll read my letter, and I always ask them, SPECIFICALLY, where they stand on my issue/how they intend to vote. I tell them, SPECIFICALLY, how I want them to vote and I finish by asking them to respond to my letter. If I get a generic response, I write another letter, a bit different from the last one; I try again and again, as I will until I convince them that they should vote the way I want them to.

    And, another good way to get their attention if they keep on ignoring your letters is to mention their name in a Letter to the Editor. They WILL see AND read those!

    Together, we can change the world!

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