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  1. Hey guys! 
    I'm back on Grass City after 2 years and can't wait to have all the moderators send me a welcome message! I just want to know what happened to being able to GIVE/RECEIVE respect? Is there just LIKES now? If so that's lame, i liked it when members got different status' depending on how much respect they had, the blades where al ot sharper back then. peace

  2. Do you mean reputation?
    It is being discussed about being brought back... but yea its gone for now
  3. When I joined GC they only had "like this" button, I've seen people talk about what you are talking about and it sounds like a great idea, hope they bring it back one day
  4. I don't think GC has ever had RESPECT :bolt:
  5. Do you even know what that means?
    Sock it to me.
    Sock it to me.
    Sock it to me.
    Sock it to me.
    Wrong, plenty respect round here, for one an all. Aretha Franklin style too.  :smoking:
    Think you mean reputation, you've been away too long, welcome back buddy, yeah if those site editors get there brains into gear GrassCity +rep should be back by 2015!
  8. Haha. Man, I miss my giant reputation e-penis!

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