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  1. Let me start by saying that I am an idiot when it comes to the formulas and actual inner workings of physics. I'm pretty smart in most other areas, but I suck at math and I've never taken the time to really do any hardcore study on physics. However, I LOVE to read the "dumbed-down" books on things like probability/chaos theory, resonance, and the like.

    So let me ask a question. My very basic understanding of resonance indicates to me that resonance is sort of the very basis for everything. When used properly you can get results that would normally expend energy, but with actually expending any. So, is there any plausibility in the idea of a resonance engine for deep space travel? I have no real idea how it would work (again, I'm dumb on the actual inner workings of this stuff). I'm writing a story in which I've decided to use it as a gimmick, but my reason for asking here is because I am genuinely interested. The story is sci-fi, and I have no qualms about making things up if I have to (though I always like sci-fi with real science), but I would like to discuss this for reason of my own enlightenment.
  2. youre talking about an engine that creates energy without spending any energy?....

  3. In essence, yes. Hell, I don't even know if it possible, but the little bit of reading I've done on resonance seems to indicate that it may one day be possible. Tesla's own readings of some his experiments showed that when he hit the resonant frequency of the layers of sand under the foundation of his block, it caused mini-earthquakes, but expended little energy. There's also monoatomic metals that vibrate on a resonant frequency, and they're considered superconductors.

    Just curious and interested in seeing a good discussion on it.
  4. Lol resonance is awesome.... dunno about this engine theory, but if you made a machine that could match earth resonance on a large scale, you could break it in half, or so tesla claimed hahahahhaa
  5. Cool concept OP.

    Imagine a spaceship with a resonance engine that you just *gonnng* with like a mallet and it can transform the sound and resonance into usable energy. Might be on a diff page than OP but that is where my brain went. :laughing:

    That Tesla shit is cool, man was pretty damned brilliant if you ask me, so he might be onto something with that:eek:
  6. @chrismitty, I see where you're going with the gong idea. Pretty cool idea. Sort of reminds me of a Chronicles of Riddick type world. However, I'm pretty sure we have machines that can simply output various frequencies at different levels, and a matching resonant frequency too boot.

    Or, perhaps to cause forward motion (at especially high speeds) the engine would have to output to match the frequencies flying by them in space, meaning the the ship would have to have a very fast algorithm reading frequencies outside of the hull, sending the info to the engine, and then the engine would output a resonate frequency.

    I'm not positive on the science of energy production, but it seems to me that the kinetic energy produced by resonance could then be stored in the engine, thus "refueling" it.

    Again, this is all stuff coming off of the top of my head. I have no actual scientific backing for it. Only a strong interest and less than beginner level understanding of a few concepts.
  7. im waiting for this thread to get into the mechanics/physics so i can have a better grasp at the issue...i mean, i know about relatively novel ideas like sterling engines but i am less than fuzzy on how:

    no energy = energy

  8. I'm not sure that it's "no energy = energy." I think it's "unharnessed energy = harnessed energy." If I understand things correctly, every particle has a frequency (heck, I'm starting to think that the very basis of the universe is a single set of modulated frequencies that resonate with everything). If every article has a frequency, then matching it with a resonate would harness the energy of that particle.

    Again, yet another disclaimer that I'm just spouting off what I think based on really loose knowledge. I gladly welcome some sort of science (but please dumb it down for me).
  9. "I'm not sure that it's "no energy = energy." I think it's "unharnessed energy = harnessed energy."-idk enough to be able to comment

    "...I'm starting to think that the very basis of the universe is a single set of modulated frequencies..."-for this one i offer this: the universe is made of matter as well as i could say "frequency is not matter" (def not trying to be a dick, just trading ideas here-and i love your humble style btw)

    also, i am now starting to think about resonance in terms of atoms....if all atoms resonate, then i would argue, yes, every resonation of every atom holds/creates energy...

    its obvious im holding back on frequency/resonance but this is better for me...i need to be talked to like a two year old too when learning...

  10. I'm not sure if frequency is the basis of matter or not, but the more I read, the more I seem to see scientists referring to waves of particles (even the elusive jumping particles that seem to teleport). If a certain frequency charges certain particles in a specific manner, is it a stretch to say that those particles, at a certain frequency, can combine to create forms of matter?

    There's so much we don't know, but so many things make more sense to me when thought of in terms of resonance.
  11. "I'm not sure if frequency is the basis of matter or not..."-i dont know if one can determine the "ultimate" basis of matter because 50 years ago it was atoms...know its quarks and 50 years theyll probably find smaller/smallest particles, ad infinitum...

    "...waves of particles..."-i understand the concept of particles/atoms resonating...for instance, the unit of time we know as a second is the amount of time a cesium atoms takes to resonate (oscillate?)...."...jumping particles..."-isnt this about those particles/matter that have like extreeeemely short lifespans?....

    "...If a certain frequency charges certain particles in a specific manner, is it a stretch to say that those particles, at a certain frequency, can combine to create forms of matter?..."-if im not terribly mistaken, a "charged" particle occurs when an atom acquires or releases an (or more than one?) if a frequency makes electrons change orbit from the outer shell of one atom to the outer shell of another atom, then yes, id say new forms of matter would be created and these are called ions...ionized atoms mean the atom has more than its natural amount of a hydrogen atom normally has one electron so if a hydrogen atom takes on an atom and has two electrons, then new matter is formed....frequency doing this, idk, if frequency can dislodge electrons and have them mold into the orbital electron cloud of other atoms, then id argue, again, yes, new forms by frequency is created...
  12. If by "Resonance Engine" you mean an engine employing the Casimir effect, then I think it is very plausible.

    The Casimir effect however is tiny when measured...but why would that matter in space? Cumulative speed from smaller burst is preferred in many situations. So while in general, the Casimir energy is proportional to the inverse fourth power of the distance of separation between two plates. This only go towards the fact that the smaller the distance between the plate the larger the effect.

    I believe this was measured precisely in 1996 (Class of '06 woot woot!) by Steven Lamor(eaux or Lamor"oh" can't remember to tired to search), and the attractive force was to be found at the astonishing... 1/30,000 the weight of an ant. So it is there, and it is fact but you'd have to stack the effect many times over to get an engine. However, if this is done in a "sexy" way you're looking at a very stout and dependable space faring engine.

    It's no "Alcubierre warp drive" but it is raw, available, scalable and unlimited (as far as my smattering of knowledge is concerned)

    ... one day Wikipedia will pay me for all of the links I share... *sigh* one day.

    BTW: this is older news to me so if anyone has new information on this effect or how the experiment is done (I know it was measured but not "how") drop me a line or toss it down here.

    EDIT: one last thing. I did say "stack the effect many times" but really it could be done with one effect reproduced many times quickly in succession as well. The idea being a horde of small trivial forces to equate over time to a much larger effect than a shorter burst/high propulsion of static energy(like burning O2)... you can only carry so much fuel.

  13. Funny you should say that, The Official String Theory Web Site
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    zero-point energy

    all of the frequencies you are talking about when resonating at specific levels cause specifics things to happen

    like water having memory of frequencies and changing the structure after specific waves or frequencies are imprinted upon it. (brain waves included)


    oh! and Mighty Wash which is used to kill Mites and such for Cannabis growing...

    is Frequency Adjusted Water.

    we are just vibrations amongst the interference patterns.

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