Resistance break breaking

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokewithwill, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Just a quickie on an awesome reintroduction to beautiful mary jane! I recently went on a two month resistance break after some pretty important exams, so after my last exam finished we rolled two fat joints and decided to smoke them asap. I was with some pretty close friends, none of us had really smoked recently so we were all expecting to get really high.
          Honestly after smoking it one of the highest i've ever been! Absolutely fucked for 2 hours, tripping at everything. But I did notice that we all seemed to have a really shitty comedown, do you guys think it was because of the weed, how we'd not smoked for long or anything else? 
    Smoked again today, packed blunt and my vapourgenie out, honestly one of the most chill days in a while, just me and a fellow stoner getting stoned and jumping into his pool (which since its in the UK was incredibly cold) and ordered a shit load of dominos. Anyway i'm just chilling, and was thinking of getting a new vape since I wont be able to smoke living with my parents and my vapour genie was a bit too big, so a magic flight launch box would be perfect, any good hiding place suggestions? And how is your guys stoning going? Peace, glad i'm back on grasscity! :) 

  2. Yeah didn't smoke for a month. My birthday we had a couple bongs and joint. Holy cow, I was more high than I've ever been off of an average days worth of smoking

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