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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jquicks92, May 31, 2009.

  1. How much resin do you have to smoke to get high? Also, how many times would i have to smoke out of my metal bowl in order to build up enough resin in it to smoke it and get high? And last question, should i scrape all the resin out and then pack a one hitter or should i just take resin hits out of my bowl and not scrape it.! I attached some pictures of my bowl so you can get a good idea of what i'm working with. Thanks!

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  2. tale resin hits as much as you want however you want, scrape it enough to smoke it, if you dont need to scrape it to smoke it then just light the bow, i had a bowl like that and never needed to scarpe, just light and inhale
  3. all depends on a lot of things....resins nasty tho =/
  4. resin really is nasty shit, imo blunt resin is the worst, it creeps out of the end of the blunt and sticks to your lips an face, getting it off of you is a bitch and a half without water
  5. yeah blunt resin is gross lol when you spit your spit is brown or green cus of it being on your lips =/
  6. when ur low on herb mybe jsut liek .5 and u got resign roll up a resign herb joint gets you goooooooooooood
  7. Not much, depending on the quality of your weed of course. I was dry a day and scraped resin of my one hitter usually used for hitting the dankest of dank weed. 3 hits and i was high as hell. But be fore warned its tastes NASTY. Even if the herb you smoked tasted really good it will taste bad. Also its not good on your lungs. Even smoked from a bubbler or bong its VERY harsh. Just scrape from your pipe, make it in a little ball, and smoke it from whatever you like.
  8. if u smoke resin u should smoke it in a bong like im bout 2 do alot cleaner in my opinion......

    man i hate being dry!!!!! :mad:
  9. Bongs don't make smoking cleaner no matter what you smoke out of it, they just cool hits...
  10. I had a bowl exactly like it, now my bro has it and I regret giving it up because its my favorite smoking pipe ever. Anyways, if your pipe is like mine, that mouth piece and the bowl piece screw off and you end up with the plastic outside shell and what looks to be a hollow screw piece. I find if you take a pair of sissors you can stick pretty far around and roll the blade of the sissors on the inside, you'll get a fuckload of resin. I used a paper clip to clean the mouth piece and the bowl out and the bottom "L" shaped piece on the pipe. I usually needed to smoke a half ounce to get any real resin to smoke from it though.
  11. If you want to, just take a screw driver or something and scrape it, ball it up, and enjoy. But I don't know much about resin, so I'm just talking out of my ass :)

    But I REALLY want your pipe! May I have it? If not, where did you purchase it?

  12. I actually bought it off one of my friends but if i had to guess i'd say mexico. it says made in mexico on it.
  13. I had the exact same pipe and I got mine at a smoke shop in fredericksburg, va.

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