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  1. So i'm growing grass in my attic. Have it all setup and am planning to harvest at the end of november 09. Anyways, when i harvest i'm puttting all my bud into pickel jars for curing. What i'm wondering is, if I blow smoke from burnt weed into the jars regularly will the resin accumulate and make the bud more potent? I had seen a pipe with a chamber to put weed that builds up resin as you smoke. I figure the longer i blow smoke on the bud the better it will be. Looking at 3 months curing.
  2. That is a terrible idea. Don't ruin your good harvest by "smoking" it...
  3. How is it a bad idea? Weed covered in resin is awesome. And the smoke being blown in would be second hand from bought weed. To me it's like having a little hash cured in with your grass.
  4. I have never heard of anything so stupid in all my life.
    Really. Bad. Idea.

    Why not just blow your smoke through a rag for a real long time, then smoke that?;)
  5. The smoke you blow out has already had the THC and other chemicals leeched out of it...thank your there is no advantage to blowing smoke on your buds.

    The resin in a pipe that gets you high only GETS you high because the THC hasn't been leeched out yet.

    Don't contaminate your buds...let them cure on their own, with their own scent and taste. You'll love it, and they'll be much more potent/enjoyable than they would be if you blew smoke on them.

    Besides, during curing, bud NEEDS oxygen. That's why we burb the jars. You'd be depriving your bud of oxygen by blowing smoke in there.
  6. sometime res mixd with bud is ok but bad for the lungs, you are still special in the head, and also you know nothing about curing or anything
  7. dude that would make all your bud taste like you were smoking roaches.

    sounds like a lose lose situation.
  8. im sorry, but i have to agree with everyone else. that will just ruin your weed.
  9. finally, at least someone gives a proper explanation instead of," You're retarded" I wouldn't have asked if i already knew the answer. Without opening a new thread, i have a second question. So I bought 10 feminized seeds off the internet to start my operation. Originally i had 2 started in a Grow pod (Canadian tire's answer to hydroponics) I had started those Mid july. So now i've moved my operation up to my attic and added more light, potters, a self watering system, and a fan. I planted the rest of my seeds on september 1st. My question is if i throw the plants into bud on the first of october will I be able to harvest in time to smoke at christmas? (Curing taken into consideration)
    Edit: The seeds are Dutch Passion Trance(7 weeks maturation) and Green House Artic Ice(9 weeks maturation)
  10. okay for one i am a firm beliver in what my teachers use to tell me

    no question is a dumb question

    how can you guys call this guy retarded for asking a question?
  11. Probably just sunday stoners mad that they had to waste an hour at church.
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    Whatever. People just get fed up with questions they deem to be stupid, ya know. No harm, no foul though, on your part.

    If you flower on Oct. 1, you may not even SEE flowers until a few weeks later if your plants aren't mature yet. MIGHT have bud for christmas. It all depends on how quickly your babies mature.
    I'd say you'd be right on time with some semi-cured bud or you'll be a bit too late. Take into consideration drying takes about 1 week, curing takes at least a couple weeks for some primo product.

    The maturation times you get from those seed companies aren't always exact, by the way, it always varies from plant to plant.
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    i'll post some pictures within the hour. Then i'll know for sure.
    Edit: Photos
  14. OOH. I know that crap your working in. That nasty insulation. Your lucky its not fiberglass, but be careful not to fluff it around. And try not to SET IT ON FIRE. Its newspaper pulp and it jus loves to be on fire. And just curious, how is that water jug staying up there? I wonder because its haging like, right over your plants all terrifyingly. And How much do you water them bad kittens? They seem pretty wet. And strechy. What light have they been under?
  15. The water jug is held up by high test fishing line.
    2.5 liters in the jug and another liter in the Aqua Golbes.
    75 watt grow light. And the Gro pods 23 watt light. 24 hour light cycle till oct 1rst. then going to 12's.
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    kid, you must be growing wered in your parents attic or something. that whole setup is going to be a major flop. half hydroponics and half soil? you should really understand the workings of hydroponics before going at it with a jug, soil in a bucket with a cup around the plant and a tube going in the soil? wheres your resevoirs? i see a MH bulb but then your using a little florecent 75 watts, your plants will be stretched, and sad looking. you need a tub, pellets, rockwool, silicone, water pump(s), nutes, a table, 250-1000w HPS or MH, more tubing, male/female tubing attachments, and quite a few more things. so...

    listen you can do 1 of two things. 1 stop the "operation" because your probably just going to get yourself in trouble. or... just take all that shit down, and just water your plants, once every 3-4 days for about 2 weeks, until you get some type of lamp and ballast for that bulb. then start feeding with all natural foxfarm nutes. keep it simple with regular soil. because man that just looks like crap. sorry
  17. It's my own house. Growing up there cause i have parents who like to visit. Hydroponics are not operating. Just the lamp from the hydro. The rest is potting soil and a drip from the overhanging hose. The fishing line tethers the whole system together and it's surprizingly stable. The Aqua globes automatically give the plants the exact amount of water they need for 2 weeks. (Guaranteed on the box) It works not bad and the plants are growing fast. And it is a 75 watt grow bulb with a 23 watt grow bulb. So a 98 watt system which should more then support my 9 seeds till i get a balast for the 250 watter. I'm just a little sketched out about using alot of power. A grower in my town got busted for using too much juice and it just seems like a good time to get caught.
  18. see? he is retarded,:smoke: joking and yes people on here get fed up with stupid questions that if you spent `a few minutes thinking about, you would realize how dumb it sounded, anyway lose the aqua globes, a&w isnt looking but so bad... i also feel your pain i hate that insulation, you really need to seal that shit up cuz once you start buddin think about that shit sticking to your buds (ive seen this before) buy some polyeirathane seal that shit up or plywood, i feel sorry for your plants good vibes ur way none th3 less sorry for rantin but im pilld the fuck up
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    OMG... This is the worst setup ever.. I'm so sorry bro, but you need to face the facts and stop living in your fantasy world. So so wrong. Here's some advice.. Read. There that's all. You are doing so many things wrong I hate to say.

    That fluorescent is waaaaaaayyy too far away. That thing should be like 2-3 inches from your plants. Look at that one stretchy plant bro.. You see it? Common sense would tell ya something isn't right. Either move the light down to the plant's or move the plants up to the light, somehow you need to get that light 2-3 inches from the top of those plants. Fluorescent light dissipates rapidly.

    You're overwatering them too.. Looks way too wet.. Like someone said above, water em once every 3-4 days as needed. Just because the box says whatever it says doesn't make a crap. You need to look up hydroponics and see what a real hydro setup is.. It is not what you have. Either go soil or hydro, no need for that elaborate inefficient setup lol. Read and then read some more and you'll get it. Also learn to take constructive criticism. A lot of people here really know their stuff and will get you going in the right direction if you listen..

    Take care and good luck.

    Oh lol I just noticed.. You're using one of those fluorescent flood lamps.. Bro.. Come on. You need to get your colour temps right. Get some cfl's. 6500 Kelvin for Veg and 2700 Kelvin for bloom. When I use cfl's I use a mix of both during veg and then switch to mostly 2700's with a few 6500's. And put them as close to the plants as possible without burning em. Use your hand to judge distance.. If its too hot for your hand its too hot for your plants, but the heat dissipates quick as does the light. As I said 3-4 inches is good.

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