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resin stained fingers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by johndoe80, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. its my first post here, i was cleaning my pipe only to realize it had left resin stains on to my fingers, how do you remove these stains? ive tried rubbing alcohol but it didnt take the out the stains completely

    are there any other remedies i could try?

  2. ewwww its all over your keyboard now :eek:
  3. Lava soap
    Try rubbing them on the green cleaning pads?
  4. wash them with hand soap? ive never had this problem. just give it a day homie itll go away. did u clean your bowl as in just scraping it and such? or with alcohol or some other solution?
  5. im a newbie, i was just scrapping the pipe with warm water wiith my fingers obviously, ive tried hand soup, detergent, olive oil lol, yet a light stain is still visible
  6. Heat the resin up w/ a lighter then just wipe it right off.
  7. you want me to lite my fingers on fire? lol

    and ive had this stain for a few days now mostly on my index finger and thumb
  8. I usually just soap/water, lather it up, then whipe really hard against a rag.

    rinse and repeat.
  9. this is no joke but gasoline will work =) once again no joke

  10. doesnt matter if the stain is a few days old?

  11. let us know how it goes i never had resin stains on my finger for more than 30 seconds

  12. Yes I do.
  13. the funny thing is i was so ripped from smoking that i didnt even notice my fingers were stained until next day maybe i can just peel the skin off lol, if anything doesnt work

  14. lol i would try the gasoline first man hahaha
  15. Maybe take a shower
  16. Best stuff to get that shit off your hands with is Formula 420... I love that stuff.
  17. K this is gross, but I learned it from an old guy puffing on big meerschaum tobacco pipe. It's really for the resin from a regular pipe, but it works on mj resin, too. Just spit a good amount of saliva into your hands and rub it where you have the tar. Should pull it right off, the wash your hands with regular water. Let me know how it works for you.:wave:
  18. try an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to loosen that shit up then soap and water to rince it all down the drain.

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