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resin smell on hands

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crl_dj, May 22, 2010.

  1. So i was just cleaning one of my bubblers. soaked it in alcohol for about half an hour then scrape it thoroughly with a paper clip and wipe around with some heavy duty paper towels to get the loose gunk out.

    I realized how disgusting my fingers smelt for a very long time after. I scrubbed for a long time and could not seem to do anything. was wondering if there was some magic way to remove tar smell from fingers tyvm. :hello:
  2. I would just take a long shower and do a really good job scrubbing with really hot water.
  3. I would recommend any hand cleaner used by automotive mechanics it will remove most oils. Like cannabis resin.

    GoJo natural Orange removes tar oil and grease and is available at any auto parts stores.

    Its main effective ingredient is Limonene a natural orange oil that is also a excellent organic solvent for many extractions.

    Please use it as a hand cleaner as extraction advice is against the rules of this board

    Peace Friend
  4. I fully agree with this.

    If all of those are unavailable dawn dish soap works well
  5. ive sprayed with axe but thats just me
  6. rub peanut butter and vinegar on your hands. kinda gross but it works for whatever reason.

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