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Resin scrapping tools

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Support, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Anyone know quick tools around the house that are good at scrapping resin
  2. pocket knife, fork idk
  3. pocket knifes for the bowl.
    the inside of the pipes i use street cleaners.
    used to use bobby pins that takes soooo long though.
  4. copper wire

  5. street cleanerS?
  6. I used to use a piece of a metal clothes hanger. Now I just clean with isopropyl.
  7. Unbent paper clips.

    You can get a little scraper dealie at the end if you put about a millimiter of it into a toenail clipper, clamp down, and bend.

    I have like 20 different paper clips all of different sizes, all bent in different ways to get all the nooks and crannies clean. Sometimes I feel like a dentist.
  8. [​IMG]
    the little metal things that fall off the cleaners.
  9. i can completely clean my pipe from all angles, even across the carb. i can clean it hella fast too. like 3 minutes. hahah.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. it depends on the size of your pipe and the holes in it but i would use a bobby pin for the insides and a sharp knife to scrape the sides of the bowl (dont be too rough with the glass and the bowl hole) but i dont really like to smoke resin ever any more
  12. Paper clips are good. Hair pins or whatever are good if you can find em.

    Like someone said already though, ISO alcohol is probably the most ideal way.
  13. can't tell why you'd think i'm joking?
    they're pieces of metal, they bend, they just cover more surface area than a bobbypin or paper clips.
  14. Do you smoke it after? That'd be pretty nasty bro.
  15. you obviously disinfect it before cleaning. hahahah.
    and sometimes i smoke resin, i don't like it though. try not to.

  16. It's just random as fuck lmao. Pretty sure I've never even seen one of these things you're talking about, let alone considered cleaning out my pipe with it.

    Think about it man. Would you take a twig off of your dirty broom and stick it in there, regardless how many times you washed it? Now change "your dirty broom" to "the whole city's dirty broom" lmao. There are simply better options.
  17. if the dirty broom was metal. than sure.
    disinfect with alcohol why not.
    i'm pretty sure it says on the bottle kills 99.9% of germs, maybe just 99% on some bottles.
    i'll take the 1% or .1% chance.
    especially if it saves me from getting that nasty resin all over my hands, and also if it cuts cleaning time in half. why not?
    i just don't see the problem. haha.
    and not everywhere has street cleaners i don't think.
  18. yeah dude metal is metal, just as cleaning products are cleaning products. i'd use the "street cleaners"
  19. Can you post a picture of one? I don't think they even have street sweepers around me. I hope you scrub that shit good man.

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