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Resin = pure THC???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Xanxibar, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I was smoking with a couple buddies last night and they told me that the left over resin was pretty much pure THC... I'm pretty skeptical. So experts, enlighten me. :smoke:
  2. sad to say, no, its not pure thc.

    :link comming up:
  3. Yeah..someone's goin to post some miraculous post in a minute explaining the dynamics and all that shit..
  4. It's tar.
  5. Well I don't have a miraculous post but I'm loaded with common sense. Resin is going to be the left over "shit"(for lack of better word) plus some THC. Hash is practically pure(well more like 30-40% THC, compared to weed which is at 5-20%) Thc. Don't believe me? Go scrape some resin and get hash(or make it). Smoke them one after the other and report your results.
  6. haha ewww not pure thc more like tar and shit.
  7. with a hint of thc haha
  8. Pure THC, no lol. Resin is the shit that bongs try to filter out so it doesn't go in your lungs.
  9. im pretty confident it is NOT pure THC. It definetly has THC in it, but its just ash. You can still get THC out until its white.

    I have a friend who smokes the ash until its pretty much just powder. Shits gotta be nasty.

  10. ash does not equal resin. resin is the tarrish residue left over from the burning of leaves. it still contains *some* thc but not a lot. resin can be re-lit and smoked. the taste is awful and its really nasty, however it will get you high granted u smoke enough of it (not a great high, but high).
  11. It has a small amount... Ive smoked a huge resin ball the size of a small marble. Didnt do much to me... i just zoned out and couldnt really move much XD. For about an hour... the taste alone tells you that you shouldnt do that shit... I gagged the first time i smoked resin.

    Off subject but my friend scraped his steamroller and rolled a resin blunt... thing burned for 45 mins... most disgusting thing ever....
  12. that is probably the nastiest shit ive ever heard... normally i dont turn down free smoke, but if someone offered that to me id f'sho pass... :hide:
  13. I agree. That's just nasty.

    Resin is alright for if your in a financial bind but I'd still think about my other options first.
  14. that would be amazing but no. i cant wait until they come out with something or grow something that is 100% thc.
  15. See, i'm completely on the other side of the fence here. Resin is a stoners greatest friend. Especially if your dry one day and are getting desperate.

    Resin isn't that nasty, it taste like the asshole end of a bowl, which im sure many of people here have done. Its definately not 100% (LOL!) and the only things thats even close to that is Chemdawg. Which is a gooey yellow-brownish substance thats (fact check this) roughly 90% THC. My dealer went down to cali with his family and brought some back, I took one hit and was blazed for hours, its INSANE.
  16. No, resin is just nasty and bad for you. It's the TAR and other left-over crap that isn't combusted. Sure there's a TINY amount of THC left, but honestly you get higher from smoking resin due to oxygen deprivation. You wouldn't go smoking roofing tar would you? It's pretty much the same shit. Throw it away, your health isn't worth it.

    Also the BEST hashes and concentrates aren't even 100% thc. Shiva Crystals have the highest tests THC concentration at somewhere in the 80% range. Resin would probably test out at less than 3% THC. Yuck.
  17. smokable resin is the sticky leftovers from a bowl or two ago. smoke that shit.

    if its just dirty dry resin thats been there since you got your bowl, pass.
  18. Thanks for the info everyone. I have to agree, the taste alone is enough to let a smoker know that it's no good. I'm sure some may tolerate or even enjoy it, but it's not my thang. :p
  19. Resin is shit man. I would rather go dry for a few days or longer before i smoke it. Even if I'm really desparate. I've fallen on good times in terms of weed though so I guess that's why I see it that way.

    And as said: Tar laced with a small amount THC
  20. collect ur resin in a jar then when u have a fuck load make some cannabutter best way to do it dont smoke resin thats just gross

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