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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mindgnome, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Yeah so this pipe I bought yesterday was clogged when I bought it because it was someone elses. So I decided to unclog it with a wire, and I noticed that it was pretty hard and not all nasty so I smoked it through a waterpipe and to my surprise it actually tasted somewhat skunky. Yeah it is a decent high in fact. But I am getting real dank later on so it doesnt really matter haha. Its just interesting. Does anyone know if smoking resin through a water pipe makes it less harmful?
  2. well scientifically speaking, yes it does make it smoking less harmfull because its being filtered through water where some of the dirt is being deposited in but smoking resin tastes like balls
  3. Yeah haha, I think I am done. Kine bud resin is pretty decent compared to shitty resin. But it cant be good for you haha.
  4. whether its bad for you or not, its really just if u want to get high, rez provides a shitty high, but in times of need, something is better than nothing at all.
  5. dude if all you smoke is chronic, your rez will be tasty AND get you pretty high. i still only do it as a last resort but for real its not bad.
  6. Yeah it actually tastes pretty good haha. I dont even have a headache. But yeah, I want my dank sooooooo bad. I hate having to wait. I am hoping for some fire.
  7. I've never tasted balls, but I can guarantee it doesn't taste like balls.
    It just tastes like you're smoking burnt weed, and that's all you're doing. You can, and it'll get you a little high, but it does taste odd.

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