Resin. It clogged my pipe from the inside.

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    had this pipe like a month an a half or two and i havnt cleaned it ever. ha lazy.

    anyway it clogged from the inside about a week ago and when i was gonna clean it with salt/iso i dropped and broke it. shit was so caked with resin. ha. doesnt mqatter because its china glass.
    anyway i gave it to a friend because i dont smoke the shit. lol shit was solid resin though.


    i smoke excessively and his pipe in no way would reflect the average smokers lungs. just mine. which i admit are terrible.

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  2. what the fuck? how much weed did that bowl burn through in a month or two?
  3. ounces of chronic.. grams of hash. ya know.. w/e u can smoke an a month an a half.
  4. lol that is a shitload of resin
  5. You have blown my mind.
  6. dude, wf, put a disclaimer i almost threw up.

    but dam. that's a lot. i dont smoke that shit either. are you going to ge another piece?
  7. Tyrone I gave ya your 4th light green dot!!
  8. that is disgusting, but in a really cool way
  9. what the fuck
  10. ha. yeah i already got another cheap ass pipe. my cement floor will take that one soon too im sure.
    BALLER! been wonderin where that guy was at.
  11. I don't smoke that stuff but I have in the pass and all that right there would get you so gone. I have a buddy that loves smokin his ressin, ganna have to show him this.
  12. Damn man, That shit looks like fucking engine gunk haha, Man...I would never smoke that...Although its probably in some peoples lungs including mine...OH NO this might turn into an anti weed thread.
  13. DAYUMMM THATS ALOT OF FUCKING RESSIN! for like 2 months thats a fucking ton dude. I havent cleaned my bubbler since the day i got it (which was 2 years ago) I wonder how much is in that shit.
  14. HOLY SHIT!! i kinda like smoking resin every now and then cause it gets you sooo fucked up.

    and i thougt i had a pretty nice sized ball
  15. last time i broke a pipe i scraped the res and it was 6 grams. there was like twice as much in this pipe. lol. gave it to the same person.
  16. id probably be pretty pumped f u gave that to me. thats so crazy dude
  17. i wish i had friends like you, all mine are stingy
  18. I have a newfound respect for your lungs. They are probably blacker than your namesake.
  19. Holy hell man I have never seen anything like that before.

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