Resin In Cats Fur??

Discussion in 'Pets' started by HelpMeds, May 11, 2016.

  1. So almost a week and a half ago i noticed a lump of sticky stuff stuck in my cats fur underneath his foot, and while trying to get it out i noticed it smelled and felt EXACTLY like resin and i couldnt get it out... Not exactly sure how it got there but i figured id give it a few days and hed just lick it out but its still stuck on there. Id rather not cut it out so is there anything i can put on it to help wipe it off?
  2. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve resin from the plant. When we trim, the stuff gets all over us and especially on the hands and under the nails. You can take a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pour it into a bowl or just onto your hands and wipe absolutely everything off...bam!! Greatest stuff in the world if you're a MJ grower! LOL Now, fix the cat. TWW
  3. Thanks! Shit got most of it out, theres still some left thats not coming out but the main clump is gone... just worried that he'll get drunk or some shit when he goes to lick his paw, cause its probably really bad for him to eat that. i rubbed water onto it from a paper towel but he ran away before i could dry it.. my next post: "what to do when your cat gets drunk" XD
  4. LOL. I've got to admit, your post as been the most interesting one I've ever seen of the thousands I've scrolled through. LOL I don't think you have anything to worry about with the cat. If you can get hold of him again, just keep soaking the area with the alcohol and it will eventually all come off. But I really don't think the cat will have any negative affects from it. If you notice he starts eating everything in the house, you'll know he got a bit of a buzz from it. LOL Have a good one!!
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  5. I would have put the torch to your cat and enjoyed the dab, afterward, your meal is ready.

    Killed two birds with one stoned

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