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Resin get you higher than bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Quickbeam, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. I just smoked an old screen that was caked with resin, I have taken 1 hit (was big, but not too big), I am at about 50%, tastes like fucking scum, (Oh man I just tripped out for like 3 minutes... or was it 20 seconds) Does resin get anyone else higher?
  2. i heard that it does but i dont know..the kid said that it does because there more thc in all of it but idk..
  3. proper resin taken from a good plant will get you higher than grass if its not cut with shit, but over here that does not happen, fucking dealers screwing you over
  4. Proper Resin will get you f***ed and also it is a class A like coke and crack.

    Just to let you know
  5. I think resin from a pipe is more of a stone than a high.
  6. Does Resin mean something different in the UK?
  7. how yeah resin'll fuck ya up.............it aint taste too good or smell great,but shit, its ALMOST pure THC...........

    fuckin cover up the bowl, and light up the carb, and inhale.........and get ready for a resinated delight!!! :smoke:
  8. It's interesting because even though it tastes bad, I think I will smoke resin in the future simply for the economic factor.
  9. If im short on herb ill make a little resin sandwich with some pot. Usually burns forever.
  10. what i dont get is how it gains more THC since doesnt THC decrease when its burned?..idk lol
  11. Some people are getting mixed up between the resin that gets caked on pieces during smoking and hash.

    Personally, I've found that nothing gives you a better high than some good bud!
  12. thats all i smoke is resin seein cant get any green over here
    i love the taste
    the best way is to grate it because wen u burn it , it wastes the thc
    but i really want to try some bud
    Dont fly 2 high
  13. resin is a black, nasty, terrible tasting tar that plagues our pieces after we've smoked out of them a lot. hash is not. you can't compare resin to weed like you would compare schwag to dank. every kind of weed gets you a different kind of high at different speeds at different times (the onset, the peak, the decline). resin is like slightly more potent schwag...
  14. Resin does kinda get u high, but thats like only when u aint got shit to smoke. I really dont look forward to the resin in my pipe, but if i aint got a choice phuck it haha. But in Cali theres not really a dull moment on that green

  15. i don't know how thats true but it so is.

  16. :D never heard it put better!!! BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HASH AND RESIN! ;) one tastes like butthole :smoking: the other, fit for kings ;D

    LMAOOSIDFOaosdijf <- glad i got that out of me ;D

    i gotta theory about resin! maybe you feel higher because, if yer smoking resin chances are you havn't been smoking bud! haha, after not smoking green for a little while, even crap (resin) will get you stoned ;)
  17. smokin resin is good, but it tastes bad, but you do get high for a little bit
  18. smoking leftover resin is shitty. it tastes like shit and its like smoking a ball of tar. i'm pretty sure its not so healthy ;)
  19. Resin is always a good way to get you stoned, but weed gets you high. From smoking resin, i always feel shitty afwards. Never thought smoking resin was such a good idea though....

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