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Resin Gave Me A Sore Throat.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nugagerube, May 27, 2013.

  1. I've smoked resin several times throughout my smoking years ( yes, I get it, its bad, I don't care, this is not that this thread is about) and the last time I did I smoked a ball of it and it gave me a sore throat. It cleared up the next morning because I stopped smoking it but my question is why did it do that? I've smoked it numerous times before and it never did that but this time it did. I smoked it out of my bong also, if that helps any.

  2. Your resin could have had other shit like stems, or seeds, or ash, or other harsh shit stuck in it.
  3. kinda common sense here; it gave you a sore throat because "its bad". You answered your question in the question yo. 
  4. I've smoked resin before and it didn't give me a sore throat. So I guess it wasn't bad then?  :confused_2:
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    The reason it made your throat sore is because there was a combination of compounds in the acrid smoke and the the physical state your body was in during that time that made it react as if it was being attacked.
    My theory is this: When you're young and stupid, your body has extra ways of dealing with all the stupid, ignorant things that it gets put through during that period of time. As you get older and wiser, there is no more need for those systems to be so prevalent, because you identify the problems ahead of time and don't put your body to the task as much. You find better ways of doing the things you want to do without all the work. And, finally, when you're "old", your body starts to become ignorant and stupid -like your mind was when you were young and your body was strong. There is a switch in the tracks that takes place and it's in a slightly different spot for everyone...but, in general, it's also predictable.
    It's why old people get angry at young people running through their yard; The young people do it because they don't know any better and the old people can't get up and chase them down to teach them manners so that they will know better! GRRRRR!  lol! 
    And when, and IF, you get to be REEEEALLY old...then everything goes in reverse...and you become like a mummy...Hellbent on destruction! lol! ;)
    Anyway....paragraph #1.....THAT's why! ;)
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    I've also smoked resin many times; only had a few sore throats directly related to it that I remember. I've also smoked weed many times, sometimes after a day of too much weed smoking I'll have a sore throat; sometimes I'm fine. Smoking in general is something that IRRITATES THE THROAT (how have you never noticed this?), especially when you're smoking chlorophyl and other plant matter, and especially when you're smoking the residue that remains after that. also smoking something is so ridiculously situational and subjective to your body at the time that comparing it to other occasions like that simply doesn't make sense. This was different resin, smoked at a different time in your life with different cilla in your lungs. Sometimes the body endures and is strong, other times it becomes the victim. You've just been lucky so far
  7. Yes, I guess so. I've never gotten a sore throat from smoking weed or resin before this though. I guess I have been lucky. I threw up once though.
  8. see now there's a foreign concept to me; now i see your perspective.. Never even had the notion to throw up just from weed haha, that just makes absolutely no sense to me. If anything smoking has always calmed my stomach down! 
  9. I smoked so much on not the last 4/20 but the one before that. First time I ever bought a half ounce let alone smoked it all in one day. and I got up the next morning and took a waterfall hit and I threw up real quick. Wasn't much but I think it was because I had smoked way more than I ever had before.
    Only time I've puked when smoking was from a waterfall bong.  Inhaled too much smoke and my gag reflex kicked in and I swallowed half of it.  Immediately puked.  Luckily we were outside :)
    As for resin hurting your throat, it makes sense if you think about it.  There's more ash, tar and carcinogens in resin than in regular bud.  When you light this on fire, the back of your throat is being pelted with microscopic pieces of hot ash.  Your body responds by inflaming the skin in your throat, which generates mucus and eventually, pain.
  11. Most resin i've seen before gives a sore throat. It's just cos it's full of stuff that is used as a filler. 
    Dunno if smoking through a bong makes much of a difference as to how harsh it is on your throat (probs a little), but from smoking it in a spliff defo gives a sore throat.

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