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Resin from piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dank Boogie, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. To make it simple: I have a bowl and i wanna get the resin out of it to smoke it. A method besides the paperclip one would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There aren't a ton of other methods that will give you viable resin. I guess you could soak it in boiling water, drain the water and leave out the resin somewhere to let it dry.
  3. Use the key thats on top of doors. The one that opens the rooms of the house.
  4. Just rinse in iso with NO SALT, and then when done evaporate on a dish preferably a pyrex dish, just like you would for QWISO.
  5. Other than the paperclip method? You're not giving me much to work with.

    I suggest dropping it from a significant height onto something hard, you'll definitely achieve some shiny resin.

    Or, you could be a conformist and try some iso, allowing the resin to evaporate from the iso; however that could take days, and would require more patience. Either way will work but one may be a bit more desirable than the other.

  6. This is a great idea but my advice would be to use notebook wire and just scrape a bunch n then plug the bowl hole with your thumb, blow into the choke n watch your bowl take a fat shit for you too smoke on.
  7. This is so gross to me. Just use a bobbie pin and bend in around the way you need it.
  8. I ADVISE AGAINST THAT ^. No offence or anything man, but boiling water + any glass piece = broken glass

    I had a bong a few years back and i didnt know much about cleaning them so i stuck some boiling water in there and when i try to lift the damn thing up only the fuckin' top of the bong came up with me so try finding another method man. :smoke:
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    Resin is really just residue. You can smoke it and you might get a high but it's dirty as fuck. Your choice though.

    You can boil your glass piece if it looks fairly solid. The key is to not cool it down quickly when you are finished. If you try to cool hot glass down with cold water than you will definitely crack the glass.
  10. who the hell wants to smoke that shit anyway?
  11. flawless method I used is a little baby screw driver and do one sold swip around the indside of the sand blasted part and its a fatty resin bowl!
  12. Back in the day when I actually smoked resin I came up with a really effective method.

    But it works best with cheaper bowls where you can unscrew the top of the bowl from the stem of the bowl.

    -you get a piece of paper towel, twist up a corner to where its about the same width as the stem of the bowl
    -then insert the point of the paper towel in as far as you can, and proceed to twist and push the PT in until a neat little cylinder of res starts being pushed out the bottom of the stem, until it all comes out.

    To get it out of the top part you usually have to scrape it.

    Disposable tool, not messy at all, takes about 15-20 seconds
  13. Ok, I found it's easiest to hit the bowl A few times with noothing in it to heat it up. (Alternatively, pack your bowl and smoke one first, so long as the bowl is just heated up enough) and take a smaller screwdriver or even apapercilp etc w/e and itll come off easier so your not chippin at it but not too gooey. and no wetting it involved so it dries once it cools down. :smoke:
  14. [quote name='"FoRsAkEn StOnEr"']

    This is a great idea but my advice would be to use notebook wire and just scrape a bunch n then plug the bowl hole with your thumb, blow into the choke n watch your bowl take a fat shit for you too smoke on.[/quote]

    This does indeed work very well, try to not smoke resin tho op. Don't get me wrong it's great in a pinch, but its still grosss. :smoke:
  15. Scrape it with a paper clip or hairpin but don't let any resin come out of the pipe just kind of loosen it up in there and shake it all towards the bowl and just hit the pipe. The flame will hit that shit an smoke it like normal. That's just a lazy way I do..
  16. Turn the bowl upside down having it on a slight angle and light it, no scraping required.
  17. Paper clip
    Hair pin
    Bobby pin
    small screwdriver (flathead)
    any small piece of metal
    dentist's pick

    Seriously, just look around your own house and you'll find a dozen possibilities.

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