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  1. I cleaned my pipes with alcohol and put it all in a pyrex bowl.

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    I put the pyrex bowl into a pan of hot water and evaporated the alcohol off( the water was at about 180 degrees)


    After about 30 minutes:


    Finished product:

  2. ive smoke and do smoke occasionally resin from the pipe, never though after its been washed in alcohol. Rez is bad enough to smoke on its own, but its gooey consistency leaves me to believe there probably still retains iso within it. Every tried scraping a pipe with a paperclip and smoke that, then clean ur pipe with iso and pour it out.
  3. Just cleaned all my pieces the other day too. Nothing better than making your shit look brand new and then dirtying them up again:smoke:
  4. I've never done it so I figured only one way to find out.
  5. i have iso'd my collection, no warmm water -used small fan

    still has a little resin taste but better than straight scrapin and tokin
  6. Man..... just buy more weed..
  7. [quote name='"Flemian"']Man..... just buy more weed..[/quote]

    I can't. My bro can't get me more for two weeks.
  8. I smoked resin once. It was foul.

    If you have no weed i'd seriously just quit for a couple weeks. It won't do you any bad.
  9. [quote name='"BritBrit"']I smoked resin once. It was foul.

    If you have no weed i'd seriously just quit for a couple weeks. It won't do you any bad.[/quote]

    Yeah I know. But like I said, I wanted to at least try it out
  10. resin isnt THAAAT bad once u get kinda used to it, i smoke on it every once n a while when im dry for too long.
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    people are really really fucking quick to assume everyone can always have weed ..

    no matter if its bought , grown , given to you , smuggled to earth in a fucking aliens asshole ....whatever...

    not everyone has the ability to have weed all the time and has to smoke resin once in a blue moon... so what...

  12. Yeah I hate when it happens..stuck with smoking resin or the stems left over from the last pick up.
  13. yeah i agree , i hate it but when im outta herb it temporarily does the trick :bongin: :)
  14. Id burn the res before i burn the stems
  15. Don't do this. It gives me a huge headache. It's not worth it.

    I'm sure there are better ways, but this process is wreaking havoc on my head right now :(
  16. Dude I just did. I ran out of herb. Sucks ass taste like ass but does the job

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