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Resin blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by g00dkUsh2, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. i know people use roach weed, which is all rez'd up. but i was wondering if you could actually roll a strictly resin blunt , and if it would be correctly. of course it would be nasty, this is simply a question.
  2. i think its possible. u should try it
  3. after i cleaned up i was disgusted
  4. i dont have any resin right now. but when my pipe gets enough resin ima try it and take pics.

  5. you got me wondering i wouldn't mind trying this.

    im probably gona predict that your gona have to light the blunt a few times to keep it lit
  6. Guys you don't realize how disgusting this would be please don't!
  7. Here is what will happen, you will roll up the resin in the wrap, it will be cool still and hopefully mostly solid, but on the soft side, you will light the end, and it will instantly melt, ruining the wrap and then instantly clog as it melts, and it will fail.
  8. Thanks Nostradamus, have another bar. :smoke:
  9. Yeah I agree with the clogging. :(
    Fuck it though. Id still try it haha.

  10. that wasnt a prediction that was from experience, my friends do some weird shit, and i sometimes get pulled into the shananagins... such as the resin blunt, and it failed SO badly. haha it was 5 years ago and i remember it perfectly too Me: "dude i really dont think this is going to work" One or many of them: "no dude no it will totally work if we use a paper clip and poke a hole down the entire center for air flow"

    Me: "it will just melt...and fill in in seconds"


    them: "dude....its way too clogged to hit and its just falling apart cause the resin is melting"

    Me (loading the bong): how about you put that down, and we just smoke this"

    them: "good plan"

  11. thanks for the answers everybody. and i havent seen blunt in forever , its because you switched your avatar!

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