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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by iseesmurfs420, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Has anyone done this? I am quite curious. I know it would be harsh as fuck but seeing as how I have a bowl of resin sitting in front of me (yes sad I know Im getting 5 grams tomorrow) I couldnt help but think how fucked a blunt of this shit would be. I think if anyone could collect this much id be down to smoke it with you. hahaaha. Also if anyone has lets hear about it:)
  2. Er, if you scraped that resin outta your pipe or whatever I don't know if it will work, it'll get all liquidy and just get fucked up I'm guessing. I think your best shot is to either just bowl hit it or mix it with something else to give it some structure, I've grinded up stems before and mixed it so when it gets liquidy it doesn't fall through the screen in my bowl, but I guess you could just give it a shot and if it doesn't work you could just pack it in a bowl, I don't know, hahahaha. It's a wild idea.
  3. I just finsihed the bowl :) I wasnt really gonna roll one I just thought it be cool. Youd get super fucked cuz ressin get me hella high. Id need like 1.5 bowls of weed to get me where i am now. Thank god for resin. In my time of need I turn to resin.

  4. i'm always surprise how fucking hard i get stoned when i pack a bowl of roaches (well, as much as i can shake out of them...sometimes the paper goes in too though). Blows me out big time every time.....perhaps that is just a nice one last gift from the weed: it's all over, but i have one last stone for ya.... :)

  5. Amen...resin roach blunts are the best, a little harsher and less tasty but the high is better. Ever smoked a blunt mach2 blunt(blunt out of the resin from resin blunt)? thats some serious shit, dunno if yall use those kind of terms. I have yet to try that yet, but I'm sure its heaven.

    edit: good tip, just keep a whiteowl tube, and put all your roach blunts in there till the special day when it fills, nothing makes me more happier :)
  6. Heh.. me and some friends did that. We saved hella roachs then we rolled a bunch of 2nd gen joints. We smoked about half of each joint then had 3rd gen weed which we put in a blunt. That blunt lasted forever. Then we rolled the blunt roach in another 4th gen joint. Fun shyt

  7. A third generation joint would be a roach,roach,roach wouldn't it? just keep using the same roach in the end of your joints and you'd end up with a roach,roach,roach,roach, roach (5th generation roach, hehe)....basically a big ball of resin with a little bud in it. :)

    Roach....roach is a weird word.
  8. guess what im about to dooooo....
  9. Did you just take a shit in a blunt wrap?
  10. don't forget to put some cancer in there while you're at it
  11. nastiest shit ive ever seen. why not just turn your car on and suck the exhaust pipe
  12. i can not imagine that's a good idea
  13. i like how its assumed that resin "GIVES" you cancer. how does it make you multiply malignant cells? please give some info before you start spoutin serious shit.
  14. ehhh I'll blaze a blunt roach in a bowl but I wouldnt use like pipe resin to fill a blunt.....cant be enjoyable :confused:
  15. Man I ain't a doctor, all i'm sayin is resin= nasty as fuck, +blunt wrap=rough as fuck, and if you add that shit up it's lookin pretty nasty.
  16. let you know soon how it goes, bout to toss some chron on top
  17. Almost as sick as the one guy who made a resin firecracker, and ate it.
  18. I hope i never get desperate to the point I try to roll resin lmao

    I wont smoke it let alone roll it

    it wouldnt burn in a paper its not weed its fucking tar

    who smokes tar joints or blunts

    and then puts them in seasoned toker

    so self respecting veteran pothead would do or post such an atrocity
  19. I smoke resin when im completely out as a last resort but rolling would be terrible that shit turns into a runny glue/Tar like substance.:eek:
  20. if you arent a doctor and have no facts and you base your findings off of looks and smoothness dont just spout serious shit like that express your distaste but dont lie.

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