Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

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  1. So I've been looking forward to this game for a decent amount of time now and its finally coming out tomorrow. Anyone else gonna be picking this shit up? I've been a Resident Evil fan since just about birth and can't wait for a new installment in the series, though it does stray away from the originals a bit. The multiplayer looks pretty fucking dope, the same goes for co-op and character customization. Hopefully it'll live up to its expectations, anyone else have an opinion about the game?
  2. I might pick it up, I have SSX and I'm about done with it, plus I have some coupons for power up rewards. Might have to go get it, I've always been a Resident Evil fan. If you get it tomorrow, let me know what it's like.
  3. I've been thinking about it, but I'm not 100% sold on it yet. Going to wait until some good gameplay videos come out..

    If you get it post up and let me know how it is compared to past RE games.
  4. Well I'll be picking it up in about an hour, after I get my eighth to go along with it..I'll be back to post some opinions. :devious: :bongin:
  5. Man, now that you say that I'm thinking about not getting it. I guess I'll see what I can find on YouTube...any other new releases today?
  6. Saw bad reviews all across the net. Tried it out...I have to agree with them.
  7. Damn...I like killing zombies too, I think I'll pass on this one.
  8. I buy games based on what I like, not on what some critic says. I love zombies, the Resident Evil games, particularly the ones surrounding Raccoon City, and especially Umbrella. Went over and bought it today, srsly doubt I'll regret it.

  9. So THC, hows the game, I've been wondering???
  10. Game is fucking awesome, it's like Gears of war meets socom meets resident evil!

    It's a lil short thought only took me one day to finish the game solo on normal still have to try out the VS and hoard modes and try and beat with 4 peeps on hard!
  11. Sounds like it ccan be pretty fun? Weapon upgrades and level up and everything?
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    It has unlockable weapons (there are a shit ton of weapons to unlock) and upgradable ability's but no weapon upgrades, there are like 6 different dudes you can pick from and they all have different ability's (both passive and active).

    Game was a little longer then I thought at first took me about 10 ingame hours and I did no collecting at all. That was on normal and with AI team-mates (it was still a lil hard at times prolly cuz of the AI team mates being bad) gonna try and play it on hard with some friends after they pick it up!

    If you ever wished that Resident Evil would just let you blast on zombies while circle strafing this game was made for you!

    Also IDK about anyone else but most zombie shooters had a bad selection of weapons to choose from (L4D2 had good weapons but the no iron sites and that always fucked with me and MW zombies never let you use the really cool guns unless you used the random item box). THIS GAME GOT GUNS! I'm talking everything from desert eagle's to SMG's to AR's to LMG's to MG's to HMG's to fully auto AA-12 shottys and everything in-between!

    It keeps the game-play fresh by having a mix of both zombie enemies and special forces enemies that shoot the fuck shit out of you! Then they will throw a mix of zombies and shooters at you at the same time then maybe some lickers, hunters, dogs and those crazy parasite zombies! Also fought 2 tyrants and a nemesis (bosses)!

    It also has a mix of new Raccoon city location's and places right out of RE2 and 3 (like the Raccoon city police department and city hall and also the umbrella underground lab!

    P.S. if anyone wants to rock out on RE:ORC just send me a PM and I might let you have my XBL GT so we can murder some zombies together!(sorry have to be careful with my online ID being a mod on here and all)!
  13. I've read a handful of critical and user reviews.

    This game sounds neat with the wide weapon selection and XP progression system.. but I loooved weapon upgrades so it sucks to see them gone.

    The gameplay mechanics just sound too buggy for me. A lot of people are saying that simple navigation can get fucked up by not being able to jump off tiny drops and the auto-cover system.. a problem like that kills a game for me =/.

    I might rent it.. I may buy it when it drops in price a good bit.. I usually don't take reviews to heart, so i'll wait to play it myself to say much, but i'm kinda worried
  14. After putting another hour into it, I'm gonna stick with my original thoughts. It could have been a much better game, but as it is, I'm glad I didn't buy.

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